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May 23, 2010 07:22 PM

NEW: Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous ice cream shop, SF - Recommended!

Since I was walking Sunday Streets at Bayview I had to try Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous ice cream shop. They opened last week and they are Great! CASH ONLY!

Ice creams are made in-house and Organic. Friendly people. I didn't catch their names, but an Asian lady w/ tattoo on her Lt arm, & a Caucasian guy w/ tattoos on both arms, I think I heard they have a girl together, but they aren't married.

These are the flavors I saw & tried most of them:
Vanilla bean
Mint Chocolate
Ballpark (w/ Anchor beer, peanuts, choc pretzels)
Pralines & Cream
Choco-malted crunch
Chocolate chip
Candied ginger
Nougat..glace (nougat, apricots, pistachio)
Grapefruit sorbet
Pineapple coconut sorbet

I got Ballpark & Choco-malted crunch on the homemade cone. I liked the Ballpark ok - pretzels didn't taste that great to me, choco-malted crunch fine. Homemade cone is really crunchy & tasty.

Kids Only scoop cup/cone $2.5
Single $2.75
Double $3.75
Triple $4.75
Add a cone .50c - made in-house!!

Toppings made in-house:
hot fudge, caramel, butterscotch, pineapple, Valhrona choc. crispies, whipped cream $1
Toasted almonds or sprinkles .75c ea.

Sundae: 2 scoops ice cream, 1 topping w/ nuts, whipped cream & cherry $5.5

Fudgesicle $3.75
Rootbeer $5
Orange $5
Black cherry $5.25

Pints $7.5
Quarts $14.50
half pints $4

Peanut brittle 6oz (keep it crispy) w/ jar $6; w/o $5
Chocolate chip pecan cookie $1.75
Caramels - made there. Individually wrapped 75c ea.

Small, but feels roomy & bright, many tables & chairs available. One unisex bathroom.


Closed Tues
M, W-Sat 11:30-8
Sun 11:30-5

On 3rd St @ 22nd, SF. Across from Serpentine restaurant & also Hard Knox Cafe in the Dogpatch/Potrero Hills neighborhood.

Hard Knox Cafe
2526 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94107

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  1. Thanks for the coverage. It's my old 'hood and I'm looking forward ---

    but how's the ice cream? Texture? Density? Flavor depth?

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    1. re: bbulkow

      Ice cream is good. Texture & density - creamy & thick. I'd compare it to Bi-Rite, but Mr. & Mrs Misc. is organic so big thumbs up! Flavor - grapefruit sorbet was liking eating a real grapefruit, wow.

      Rootbeer - I think I saw boxes under their counter for Virgil's Root Beer - is that any good?

      Owners names I found on Yelp: Ian & Annabelle. Go say Hi to them. Super nice people.

      Tip: No big signs outside yet. Big glass windows & at the corner of 3rd & 22nd St.

      I'll attach some pics.

      1. re: hhc

        Virgil's has a lot of fans and the few times I have had it I had no complaint's. I had a quite a few varieties for my DIL a root beer afficionado. However Anthony's a root beer rating site with over 200 tasting places it kind of low.
        Oops missed that . Anthony retasted and now thinks he got a skunky bottle the first time and now likes it.

    2. Thanks HHC! I went by there on Wednesday night but they had sold out.... doh! Went again last night and though they were nearly halfway sold out, I was able to get a fix.

      YUM! The made to order waffle cones are great. Slightly pliable, warm, and a nice treat. I got two scoops, one of the ginger which I really liked, nice flavor in both the cream and from the bits of ginger. Prailines and cream was also very nice with a big ribbon of caramel in with the vanilla and the candied nuts.

      Will definitely be back as I want to see if their ballpark flavor will become a nearby replacement for my hankerings for HS Secret breakfast.

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      1. re: stomsf

        OK, was feeling a hankering coming on yesterday so I went back. :o) Less busy in the afternoon, but best of all no flavors sold out!

        Ballpark was OK. I gave it a try but I think the taste was a bit overwhelmed by the first flavor I tried, which was a new flavor. Old Fashioned -- Makers Mark, cherries, and almonds. WOW! Yes, something I like as much (perhaps more) than Secret Breakfast. Talking to the guy proprietor, he said it's likely be a limited time flavor (as Maker's Mark is expensive) but whoah, what a great ice cream!!

        Strong alcohol flavor was well balanced with the cream. The cherries tasted like they had been soaked in the Maker's Mark as well, making them really nice in the mix. Highly recommended if it's available when you go by.

        I saw they updated their hours to be open until 10 pm on weekends, but they'll be closed Memorial Day.

      2. Thanks for the post.

        Do you know what they use as their fruit source for fruit sorbets/ice creams? Fresh fruit, pureed fruit from a supplier, what?

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        1. re: maria lorraine

          Maria, sorry don't know the answer to your questions.
          They now take credit cards over $5.

        2. A wonderful human being brought me a quart of this ice cream this weekend. It was stunning! The chocolate and candied violet were especially delicious. What I noticed was that while intensely flavorful, the ice cream was not heavy or super creamy (like Mitchell's). It was too easy to eat a giant bowlful without feeling full at all.

          1. link

            Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous
            699 22nd St, San Francisco, CA 94107