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May 23, 2010 06:34 PM

Friendly Fisherman Lobster Roll-Noticeably Smaller???

I got my first Lobster Roll of the season at the Friendly Fisherman in Eastham today, a Chowhound favorite for lobster rolls. This was most definitely not the same bohemeth (sp??) I had last year. There was noticeably less meat and even the roll seemed smaller. I still love their mayo to meat ratio though and the meat was tasty and sweet but a remarkably smaller quantity. I'm anxious to hear from other CHounders as the season goes on. Maybe I just got a small one or maybe i'm romanticizing last year's model. I had never been to the FF (even though i'd driven by a bobzillion times) and went on everyone's reco that it was one of the best rolls on the Outer Cape and it was! Today's was so underwhelming--even the roll was not as toasty and buttery as last years. I was so disappointed.

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  1. A disturbing thought! They are definitely our "go to" place. Theirs is a pretty good size, to be sure, but is not monstrous. Maybe overhyped in your own mind, as you suggested? I have found their fried seafood occasionally needing salt. Maybe an off day in the early season? BTW, what is the $ this season?

    1. Has anyone else had this experience this season, or know what they are charging these days for the lobster roll? We usually go out of our way to hit FF, but I want a little more feedback before heading out that way.........

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        It seems like a hullabaloo for a lobster sandwich. May I offer a tasty lobster salad sandwich. Purchase a 2 pound live lobster, it will prob. cost about $14-15 dollars. Then get about 1 gallon of sea water from any beach thats clean. Boil the lobster in the sea water, cool it, break the meat from the shell you should get about 1 1/2 cups of meat unless you start to pick at it. Dice it up, Add a little mayo and celery then toast a hot dog roll nice and crisp. A bit of lettuce and have at it. For 2 people the cost with the bread would stand you about $8.00 each Whats the cost price on lobster rolls now . DO it once and you will never buy one out in a restaurant.

        1. re: Frank Terranova

          People eat out because they dont want to bother with the shopping, prep, and cooking as you suggested. We all make things at home, 6 nights a week for me, but every Sat night I like to have a nice meal out regardless if I can make it at home or not.

          1. re: Frank Terranova

            Mayo and celery on a lobster roll????....NEVER!!!! A lobster roll should be lobster sauted in butter on a hot dog roll ( Nissen if you can find one) and that's it.....otherwise you have lobster salad sandwich.

            1. re: johng58

              Just the roll (top sliced!) should have the butter on it. The lobster doesn't need any help!

              1. re: L2k

                cold lobster rolls have mayo. hot lobster rolls have butter. a nice balance of mayo in a cold lobster roll is not a crime against gastronomical humanity.

                but let's stay on topic! someone please go get one from the Friendly Fisherman and either corroborate or refute my experience!