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May 23, 2010 06:22 PM

oliveiras brazilian resteraunt everett ma

I think oliveras resteraunt is excellent great food and service, cafe belo not so good any more Brazil country buffet on norwood st , was sal a braza is horrible, started off good last year, great staff just went down hill ,love to know what others have to say????

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  1. I gave Cafe Belo 5 stars on yelp but have to agree they're no longer good. They never have chicken heart anymore, rarely have cheesebread, and horrible service. Most of the old exceptional staffs are no longer there.

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    1. re: joebloe

      JOEBLOE wow you are so right the selection of meats got smaller , sodas glasses filled to the top with ice for almost $ 2.00 The service has got really bad . The old staff were as you say excepitional ,got to know them well i miss pracilla and allesandera always made you feel welcome ,different people working there every week looks like serious management problems to me

      1. re: boston 74

        Allesandra and the old man manager were incredible, always checking on you and refilling your ice water. Now you have to almost wrestle down the staffs to get their attention.

    2. Oliverira's in East Boston is MUCH better (quality of meat and buffet) than the one in Everett or the one in Somerville.

      Braza Grill in Everett--avoid it if you don't like your meat overcooked gray shoeleather. There is no "pink" lamb, no "pink" sirloin here..