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May 23, 2010 06:12 PM

Chapel Hill NC - Kitchen Restaurant (Midtown Market) - Anyone Know About This New Place?

I was on my way to Fosters this morning and noted a new place getting ready to open - it's called KITCHEN. It's in the old Ba-Da-Wings location. The sign has even been added to the main Midtown Market sign (but only on one side).

Anyone know anything about it? I've attempted an internet search and come up with nothing.

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  1. That's fast as I saw it too, but with lots of construction and no name, bother! Now I've got to know:) Oh i remember I asked the workman and he said it was going to be a bistro.

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      A bistro would be fantastic. I'm going to have to check this out. Maybe time for a trip to the new, indy bookstore in that same little strip to snoop around.

    2. I was curious about this and went by and looked in the storefront window. They have a website that gives a general description of their plans. The website is
      It's sort of vague but it sounds bistro like and definitely an improvement over the wing place.

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        they have a facebook site which I checked... mussels are good, so I'll check them out. Flyleaf Books is great, they have very interesting choices. Like visiting there..

      2. I think we Chowhounders can find anything, right?

        I agree the website for this new spot is very vague. A Google search turned up this information from a Frommer's Guide to the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania, owned by couple with this same name. Here's what book said: We had a memorably wonderful meal at Starfish Brasserie (51 W. Broad Street, Bethlehem, 610/332-8888,, whose chef/owners Dick and Sue Barrows have shaped a seafood-heavy seasonal menu as the star of a beautiful space populated with attentive, informed waitstaff and folks celebrating special occasions. Entrees like a local trout stuffed with bacon, swiss chard, tomato confit and pinenuts, served with Port wine and sage sauce run $18-20, and the desserts are gorgeous and homemade. There's also a cigar-friendly bar and live entertainment some weekends. Read more:"

        I also read an article about how their restaurant had closed and that it would be missed. This sounds like they have lots of experience and great reviews at their Pennsylvania spot. I eagerly anticipate this new place in Chapel Hill.

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          Great research, thanks! And it sounds perfect. I don't eat a lot of meat, so a bistro type place that specializes in seafood would be wonderful. Thanks for the info.

        2. Here's more about this couple. And, two things of interest - they have a UNC connection (daughter in school here) and they used to work at Frog, a restaurant I used to frequent in Philadelphia (about 20 or so years ago!). I loved Frog!!!

          1. They had their soft opening on June 30 and plan to have their full menu this coming week. They are on Facebook.

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