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May 23, 2010 05:37 PM

Haute Dish

I haven't seen any Haute Dish reviews since it opened, so I thought I'd start one. We dined there tonight, our first time, and we will definitely be back.

To start I ordered a Side Car. I must have been high because I thought it was going to be fruity. Yeah, I know. I got a drink my father would love, but I'm pretty sure it would also remove varnish. Just not my thing. I told our sweet waitress, Gina, that I was an idiot. The drink wasn't what I thought it would be and would it be ok to get something different? What a doll - she let me order something else - the Clover Club - no questions asked. The Clover Club, by the way, was much more my speed!

Hubby ordered the soup of the moment to start which was a spring pea soup with king crab - so smooth and velvety and flavorful. I'm not normally a pea soup fan, but this was GOOD! Then we shared an order of their "Mac and Cheese" which is king crab, tallegio, and truffle. Uh - YUMMY and so, so rich. I would have liked a tad more crab, just because I love crab, but it was excellent! Hubby had the Steak and Potatoes - flat iron steak, marrow bone, gremolata, duck fat fries and grilled toast. I had the Tater Tot HauteDish - beef short ribs, baby green beans, porcini bechamel and homemade tots (crispy on the outside and pureed potatoes on the inside. TO DIE FOR. Like, seriously, I almost wept it was so good.

We also had the brownie with apricots and honey sponge cake with pistachio for dessert. Both of those were good, but I'd say that dessert isn't nearly as strong as the appetizers and entrees. Go for the first, middle and main courses. Then go to 112 Eatery around the corner for Nancy Silverton's Butterscotch Budino for dessert.

We absolutely loved this place and as I said, we'll be back. The food was terrific, but the atmosphere and beautiful bar also make it a great place just for cocktails and drinks with friends. Definitely give this place a try if you haven't already. And JFood - get your butt here pronto! :)

112 Eatery
112 N 3rd St, Minneapolis, MN 55401

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  1. Great write-up, completely agree on all accounts. We were there shortly after opening and they were already running on all cylinders. The Steak and Eggs 1st course was outstanding (steak tartar, egg in a hole, oyster shooter), and the house salad was FAR better than your standard "house salad". Tater Tot Hotdish is off the charts, comfort food to the max. Chicken and Dumplings was also very good. Great beer list, solid wine offerings, and the food is excellent. Agree that the dessert was just okay (sponge cake), but that didn't detract from the absolutely fantastic meal.

    1. Sounds like a fun place to try! Is there parking on site or just sweet parking? (I don't live in the TC so not very familiar with the area...)

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        There's street parking and a pay lot a 1/2 a block to the east of the restaurant. Parking really isn't too hard to find around there.

        1. re: Ummm

          Parking is actually pretty brutal in that area... Your best bet is to go a block or two north, where you might even find free parking. If there's a Twins game, expect to drop $10.

          1. re: kevin47

            We've eaten in that area plenty of times, while Twins are playing and when they're not. We've never had a problem finding parking there. That said, we don't have any problem paying for parking either.

          2. Two friends and I went to Haute Dish last week and we were extremely impressed. I will admit to being hesitant about the menu, which for anyone who knows me is rare. My main hesitation was that I'm really trying to eat healthier and keep an eye on calories and I couldn't identify much on the menu that read as extremely healthy. However, my fear completely dissipated as we started eating.

            To start, we went on a Tuesday evening and all parties were able to get metered parking right in front of the restaurant. That might not happen on a weekend or when there's a Twins game, but parking was no problem on a weeknight.

            We started our meal with the Med Plate which had a fantastic feta flan, olives, mushrooms, and what was described as hummos but it was much lighter and smoother than any other hummus I've ever had. The people I was with then got the mac and cheese and the pork 'n' beans. The mac and cheese was much lighter than we expected. It only had a very light cheese sauce and had wonderfully crunchy toasted breadcrumbs on top. The pork 'n' beans was great too - the pork was decadent and fell right apart when you ate it. For entrees I got the salmon special and my friends got the tater tot haute dish and the stuffed pig's foot. The salmon was quite good, but the other two dishes really shined. None of the dishes were what I expected from the description - all were much more sophisticated, refined, and lighter than what I imagined.

            Overall we were very happy with the experience. The dining room was fairly empty although it was a Tuesday and it's a HUGE space. I hope that the place catches on because I'm looking forward to going back.

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              I'm a rare poster but frequent lurker, but I ate here tonight and want to share some thoughts.

              Overall, it was a good experience. The service was hit and miss. Landon was expediting, and seemed to be working really well with the staff, but the servers and runners were not all that attentive, and didn't explain the components of the dishes, which is silly because the stuff is pretty complex. I mean, yeah, we could have asked, but they should explain by default.

              Perfect example: Asparagus Salad. Even though the menu is specific, there are so many components and it's not obvious on the plate. That being said, this was really good--a sort of puree of asparagus, very thin strips of raw white asparagus, pink radish, ultra-thin bacon. Truffle flavor was not noticeable, but overall it worked well.

              Steak & Eggs: Egg in a hole was nicely buttery but not warm, and the egg could have been softer-cooked. Tartare was delicious (great version of the classic preparation) and the oyster shooter was the highlight, nicely spiced.

              General Tso's Sweetbreads: Insane update of Americanized Chinese food. Total Great Wall meets the 112, with perfectly cooked sweetbreads and a fried rice that was like Leeann Chin in a good way (if that's possible, and if not, what it would be if it were) with peas, egg, and a nice but slight background of foie. Served with a fortune cookie--cute but unnecessary, in my opinion.

              Tater Tot Haute Dish: Agree with all previous raves. Order it!

              Chicken & Dumplings: Decent but absolutely nothing special. Dry, lukewarm, but the gnocchi and ramps redeemed it. Wouldn't order it again myself, though.

              We took Chowhound's advice and had dessert at the 112, which was amazing as always.

              My favorite place in Minneapolis at the moment is La Grassa, and while the food at Haute Dish is pretty close, the service is miles away. Combine that with a higher price point, and I know which one I prefer. Still, I'm happy I went here and will certainly make it back, but maybe not too soon.

              Great Wall Restaurant
              4515 France Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55410

            2. We went from loving it to never wanting to come back.

              We were celebrating the birthday of a friend on Saturday night, and she really wanted to try this place. Everything from our server to the food to dessert was delicious! Then a man who I assume to be the "manager" came to our table almost as soon as we put our dessert spoons down and offered to "buy us a round" if we moved to the bar.

              First of all, we had only been there around an hour and a half and had reservations, secondly we had already spent roughly $250 and showed no indication of being done, thirdly there were plenty of open tables... So I'm left at a loss as to why we were rudely made to feel like we needed to leave our comfortable table to go sit at the bar. Is this standard at their establishment to push guests to the bar as soon as they finish their meal?

              This is by far the worst I have ever been made to feel at a restaurant and I can promise you none of us or our friends will be coming back. I worked at a simple chain restaurant in the past and we would have never approached a guest with that sort of offer.

              I suggest they rethink their approach in the future when it comes to this policy. As it stands, they managed to turn potential lifelong fans into lifelong negative critics.

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              1. re: notoriousfoodie

                Did you try talking to them last night or calling the restaurant today to discuss?

                1. re: american_idle

                  I have both emailed and left a message with no response. I'm really hoping to at least get an explanation from them, because we did enjoy every other part of our experience. It just leaves a bitter taste in your mouth...

                  1. re: notoriousfoodie

                    Fair enough. Please note it's a Monday, and although open, restaurants don't generally get in at 8:30 to answer emails.

                    1. re: american_idle

                      Duly noted, and I'm fully willing to retract my negative reviews should I receive an appropriate explanation and/or sincere apology.

                2. re: notoriousfoodie

                  I spoke with the owner and the issue was cleared up. This is still a great place to eat and decent service for how busy they get.

                  1. re: notoriousfoodie

                    So that's it? What was the explanation?

                3. Speak of the devil, I just had a really great brunch at Haute Dish on Sunday. Between my companion and I, we got the ropa vieja, pig in a blanket, and pannacotta. We found all these dishes to be interesting, nicely balancing the very rich, heavy, smoky main ingredients with bright notes of acid and heat. The poblano gravy on the pig in a blanket was especially good. We ate at the bar and the service was pleasant and efficient. Really enjoyed the whole experience.