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May 23, 2010 05:23 PM

Philadelphia help for young teacher and his wife

My 25 year old son and his wife will be visiting Philadelphia over the Memorial holiday weekend and will be staying at the downtown Hyatt Regency. They are both interested in food although she doesn't eat beef, pork or poultry. Any suggestions for interesting dining or things to do will be appreciated. I imagine they'll do one real nice dinner but they also enjoy finding places the locals like to keep to themselves. They will have a car and plan to see the sights.

Thanks from an Arizona Chowhound.

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  1. They should consider the vegan, Horizons Cafe, a place even carnivores can (and do) enjoy. The food is unique and wonderful.

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      Looks great. We'll put it on the list. She's not a true vegan as she eats seafood - no idea how she draws the line - but this looks like just the kind of interesting place they'll enjoy.

    2. One of the best restaurants in Philadelphia now - the top favorite of some of my friends - is Fish, at 17th and Lombard. The menu is strictly fish and seafood.
      Casual atmosphere, creative cooking. You can see the menu online.
      On Sundays, the only option is the $28 prix-fixe four-course menu. It is great, but there are no substitutions.

      They probably have heard of our Reading Terminal Market. It is a must for visitors.
      Saturday is a good time; the Amish farmers are there. It is open on Sundays, but without the Amish. Fabulous place for breakfast, lunch, or browsing; it's a don't miss.

      1. Another spot close to their hotel is Zahav. Israeli cuisine with many non meat options - highly rated on this board.
        As for a local spot I'll throw out August at 13th and Wharton. About 2-3 miles from their hotel, in the South Philly neighborhood. It is BYO and cash only. When I finally went there I wondered what had taken me so long. It is one of my go to spots now. And, while I don't know about meat free dishes, our taqueria's are outstanding - mostly around the 9th Street (AKA Italian) Market area - 9th and Washington.

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          We love Moonstruck! So glad you mentioned it, Bigley9.
          However, it's not open on Sundays or Mondays.
          I believe Fish is open Mondays, but I'm not sure about Memorial Day.

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            Think Sylvia meant August - we agreed on Moonstruck on another post!

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              Yes, yes, thank you. I meant August.

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            If you are a vegetarian and eating at one of the small taquerias, you would do best to not ask many questions about the food--I think most use lard in many dishes whether they feature meat or not.

          3. Thanks to all of you for the great suggestions. Just spoke to my son who is now back in D.C. They had a good - not great but good - dinner at Amada. Great dinner at Fish. Oysters, Artic Char for our daughter in law and Skate Wing for my sone. Said it was one of the best meals ever. Enjoyed Reading Terminal Market as well and can't wait to return to Philadelphia. Thanks again.

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              I am so glad they enjoyed Fish. It's one of our favorites.

              Thanks so much for reporting back.

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                  It's a nice write-up, but Ortlieb's closed recently.