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The Urban Vine [Cypress -NW of Houston]

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When I visited my parents last month, we stopped at the newly opened wine shop "The Urban Vine" I thought this shop was a really nice addition to the Cypress area, since its locally owned and offers weekly wine tastings!


The wine tastings are Wed and Fri nights for $5. Plus they are teaming up with Mezzanotte restaurant for monthly wine tasting dinners that are only $27 a person!! (I'm used to San Fran prices of $60/person at the least, so this seemed like a major steal to me....


We bought a bottle of wine to take home for dinner when we were there. The lady owner was really friendly, and gave us lots of input on what kind of wine we would enjoy. My Mom even said the prices are way better than HEB. lol :)

Mezzanotte Ristorante
13215 Grant Rd, Cypress, TX 77429

The Urban Vine
13215 Grant Rd #700, Cypress, TX 77429

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