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May 23, 2010 03:43 PM

Cheese Pairings For Our Daily Five Fruits/ Vegetables

I realize we can't eat all of them with cheese. Some we'll have to wrap in prosciutto.

But the prolific "Strange Pairings That Taste Uncommonly Good" thread got me thinking that there's probably a wealth of knowledge on this site that could make the idea of eating these five servings of fruit or vegetables a day more appealing (at least to me).

Also, I love the idea of a two (or three) ingredient lunch. The pairings I do now are the well-known ones: strawberries and chevre, apples and Gruyere, tomatoes and fresh moz, etc. and I'd love to broaden my horizons with a great cheese for radishes, or raw broccoli, or red grapes or what have you.

What's you favorite cheese-and-fruit or cheese-and-veg combo?

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  1. Blue cheese with pears and honey is divine!

    1. I bought some goat cheese with honey at Trader Joe's which was great with fruit.
      Good parmagiano cheese has a nutty flavor that works well with a lot of veggies.
      Radishes are challenging, with the peppery flavor, I'm thinking a milder cheese might be a good counterpoint.
      A strange (not fruit/veg) combo that I like is swiss cheese on crackers washed down with hot cocoa.

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        I've tried that goat cheese with honey before, it is good!

      2. gorgonzola and raspberry works for me- maybe with some crushed walnut on a top of a salad
        i love goat cheese on grapes
        like the kids classic updated: raw broccoli and really sharp cheddar

        these are mine :)