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May 23, 2010 03:32 PM

Anyone willing to share their favorite Asian grocery/market in CT?

I haven't seen this topic posted elsewhere, but if I missed it--my apologies.

I'm curious to know fellow Nutmeggers' Asian market of choice in terms of variety and price. I've only been to Food Star in Hamden, Asian Supermarket in Milford and A Dong in West Hartford (my favorite). A Dong was recommended to me by my Japanese aunt who goes there periodically to stock up. Compared to the other stores I've visited, their selection and price is impressive, but I'm looking to try other locations around CT.

I'm particularly interested to know if anyone's been to Oriental Pantry on Orange St in New Haven. I've heard they're very expensive, but am willing to try it out if they stock any Japanese or Korean items the other markets are lacking.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I'm a big fan of A Dong, it's not pretty and it's a bit difficult to figure out what's what but once you do it's the place to buy it all. I've yet to go and not find what I'm looking for based on a recipe I'm chasing!


    1. I have only been to Oriental Pantry on time and was unimpressed. J Mart, also on Orange St, closer to the old Colosseum site, is good, there is a good Indian Market in Orange, next to Goodwill on the Post Rd

      1. I love going to A Dong--I know I'll be back there before the end of the month--and maybe some day I'll be brave enough to bring home a duck, but for now I can't get the Christmas Story/ "It's smiling at me" scene out of my head!

        Thanks for recommending J Mart--stopped in there today. And yes, the Indian market on the Post Rd is great, I wouldn't get my spices anywhere else.