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May 23, 2010 03:30 PM

Nose to Tail Restaurant in Philly. Late Night Food

Where is the best place to get great nose to tail cooking late night in Philly? A great Place for chefs/cooks/servers to go after a long night of service for Great food and drink. Something akin to David Chang's places in NYC ar Au Pied Du Cochon in montreal.

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  1. How late? I'm assuming you mean 11:30-1am or so. I'm not in the industry, but especially during the week, the best late night grub is going to be the gastropub scene or chinatown. I don't know that you'll find much like a David Chang spot.

    It's off the beaten path, but I had awesome grilled duck hearts at the South Philly Tap Room the other night. Another special was head cheese tacos. They serve until 1am there. Other good gastropubs are Pub & Kitchen, Royal Tavern, and Standard Tap. P&K always has some pate and chicharones but not sure how much else offal. ST usually has some exotic game meats and does a good job with seafood.

    For a real nose to tail experience late night, Chinatown is your best bet, but the gastropubs have good food and will win for beverage service and atmosphere.

    1. Mark Vetri's Amis has an "industry night" where from 11-1 anyone with a restaurant pay stub can partake of a free family-style meal. I believe it's the first Monday of every month.

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        Amis is also open till 1 most nights, and while it might not have the stuff to qualify as nose to tail, there's a fair amount of house-made charcuterie on the late-night menu...

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          Not in the industry myself, but I love that! As a former recruiter, I think it's genius; a perfect example of doing well by doing good. :-)

          And *very* good to know about the open-late kitchen. By the time we realize we'd like to go out virtually everything is closed in the surrounding 10 zip codes, and then we just say "Screw it," and eat in.

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            Thanks nwinkler and Hungry, Amis was one of the places I was thinking about. I understand Meme is doing a pork dinner in July featuring different chefs each doing one course, Should be very interesting