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Jul 4, 2005 02:58 PM

best breakfast burritos...??

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Hi Hounds- I love breakfast burritos. Where can I find a really good one? As far as location, the Westside of town is preferred. Thanks in advance!!

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  1. It seems like I have seen quite a few of the little Oaxacan places in the Mar Vista area advertising them. But I haven't tried them yet. I will see if I can pinpoint them and give a report. There is a new one on Venice at Centinela and there are several going down Inglewood from Washington towards the Marina freeway if you want to look for yourself.

    My current fav BB is in Redondo Beach on PCH at C street at a little burger dive called Phanny's. Just the right mix of egg, potato, salsa, and nice tortilla.

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      thanks! have you ever been to tacomiendo? i've seen positive stuff about that place on this board but haven't tried it yet. i was wondering if they have breakfast burritos...

      1. re: javagurl

        Been there and like it quite a bit. I don't remember any BB but could be. I will check it out this week.

    2. It's not the West side, but the Super Burrito in East Pasadena has amazing Breakfast burritos.

      I especially like the Huevos con Machaca, although the Huevos con Chorizo is nothing to sneeze at.

      1. Also not in your area, but Lucky Boy in Pasadena (on Arroyo Parkway, just south of California) has EXCELLENT breakfast burritos. So if you're ever that far east one morning, Lucky Boy should definately be your first stop.

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          I second Lucky Boy. Great for hangovers! If you happen to be in Pasadena for 2 mornings, go to Wonder Burger on Walnut for another outstanding breakfast burrito!

        2. g

          Y'all snobby chowhounders (*__*) may not be ready
          for the CORNER COTTAGE'S, 310 S
          Victory Bl Address: Burbank. Phone: 818-843-2567, hearty, working man's breakfast burrito.
          Virtually a ton of eggs, potatoes and the meat of your choice---steak, sausage, bacon, ham or combo---with each order.
          Be mesmerized as the Korean boys do their tea kwon do, rhythmic spatula thang on the grill top.
          They must sell a thousand of these a day.