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May 23, 2010 02:51 PM

Nice casual place to eat in Paris (near the 7iene)

Hey folks,

Currently enjoying a quick trip through Paris. We're staying near le Musee des Invalides in the 7th in Paris. We're looking for dinner options that aren't too far from there. We're way too late for any reservation at the Chateaubriand or any of the usually considered places, and besides we haven't packed much in terms of "elegant" clothes so we're looking for fun, casual options. Not necessarily bistro/french either. Not looking for astronomical prices but nothing ultra-cheap either.

Any hints/tips would be great, thanks!

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  1. From your description, my wife and I really like 1.) Au Dernier Metro just over in the 15th (you'll like this place!) and 2.) Bristol de Bretuil immediately south of Invalides (more formal and poorer food ...just drink the wine and enjoy the people) and Le 122 just north of the Rodin (better food and more formal at dinner....go for lunch). I would suggest a few more places, but reservations might be tough. Let's see what others say.

    1. And Colette and I love and have loved several times (Pix at JT's Paris):

      Le 122: Bistrot d'Hier et Aujourd'hui
      122, rue de Grenelle in the 7th (Metro: Solferino)
      Closed weekends, open for lunch Mondays-Fridays, dinner weekdays except Thursday and has an "afterwork apero-dinatore" from 6:30-10 PM except Thursdays.
      Lunch formula at 16,50, menu-carte at 35 and 20 €.

      1. One place that fits your description is Le Florimond on Ave. Motte-Piquet. We have eaten there at least once a year ever since it opened. Right beside Les Invalides at the junction of Latour-Maubourg and Rue Chevert is Pasco with which many people have been pleased . I have only been once, but enjoyed it.

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          Thanks everyone! We finally ate at Pasco, on Latour-Maubourg. A very pleasant evening indeed! The food was very nice! An entree of Teruel ham before a main course of a perfectly cooked and very succulent a la plancha steak (huge!) for my partner. She was delighted with the whole thing, and since she doesn't enjoy the fatty portions of the steak, I got to chomp on that a bit (if you don't eat a bit of the fat, you're missing out!). I opted for white asparagus served with "cervelle de Canut", which was not brains/offals as I thought (I should'ved asked, my bad) but a nice, creamy cheese, nicely seasoned. I later found out it's a Lyon speciality. The asparagus was just wonderful. I finished up with calmars w/ chorizon and saffran rice cakes, all very spanish but very nice. The profiteroles my partner had to finish the dish were gone in an instant, and my tarte au caramel (deconstructed into a playful dessert) was on point.

          The service was extremely good, with a very helpful waiter who had great recommendations especially for a nice Saint-Emilion which held up fine to my partner's steak but didn't overpower my calmars.

          We're heading back to Paris next year and I would make it a point to come back. I was extremely pleased! Thanks for the great tip.