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May 23, 2010 02:50 PM

Veggie recipe help

Our neighbour very sadly passed away last week, and we are rallying round as a street by cooking meals for them. I have volunteered for one shift on the rota but haven't a clue what to make. They're an extended family of seven - four adults, three children (two of them quite young), and all are vegetarian. The food needs to be easily transportable. I have no idea as to their preferences, but their mother (who died) was Italian.

I have thought about veggie lasagne, but fear that they may have been overwhelmed by pasta. Any thoughts?

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  1. how sad. so sorry to hear this.

    initial thoughts:
    - potato gratin
    - frittata or strata
    - minestrone or lentil soup
    - vegetarian chili or bean stew
    - wild mushroom ragu with polenta
    - eggplant parm

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      I love the idea of the chili or bean stew. Add to that some cheddar or garlic muffins and a side salad and maybe a dessert of cake in which you poke holes and fill with pudding or jello and then use whipped cream for the topping. Or a layer cake with pudding and sliced bananas as the filling and iced with a cream cheese or butter cream frosting.

    2. What about making a veggie lasagna with polenta instead of pasta?

      1. I think a strata or quiche, in which you could use whatever combo of cheese and seasonal veggies appeals, would be a good option. Easily portable, and fine to at at room temperature as well as warm. Add a salad and some fruit, and you will have a comforting, non-pasta meal.

        1. How nice of the neighborhood to help in such a generous way.

          A tray of stuffed peppers might be another option. I would send them over just about cooked so that it is easy to warm them in the oven. Filled with a combination of veggies, parmesian and rice or barley so that it is a complete meal. Some breadsticks on the side would give another texture and could be a nice accompaniment.

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            The idea of a tray of stuffed peppers is so appropriate as is, perhaps, an aubergine parmigiano type casserole if they eat dairy. Another possibility may be a giambotta... a mixed vegetable stew in tomato sauce. It's very hearty and you could incorporate a variety of different vegetables and a bit of short cut pasta. Fresh Italian bread and a super salad would complete the meal. How lovely that neighbors get together to sustain a grieving family. We do this in my neighborhood as well..

          2. I think the fritatta/strata/quiche idea is a good one. Some other ideas include veggie cabbage rolls, enchiladas, perogis, or stir-fry of some sort. Don't forget a fresh veg or salad to accompany your main!

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              This is such a nice gesture by the neighborhood to make meals for the family. Macaroni and cheese is a great crowd pleaser, and you can make it upscale by adding frozen butternut squash or making an Italian spin with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and fresh herbs, such as basil or rosemary.

              You could also make some kind of casserole. That way, you'd only have to make one dish.