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May 23, 2010 02:13 PM

ancho chili powder

Anybody know where to get this outside of Kensington Market? Thx in advance

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  1. you can get this in the spice section of Loblaws, Longs, metro - most large grocery stores.

    1. I buy any hot spices at chilly chilies - - they're in Ottawa, but you can order online, and their products are fantastic. Shipping is fast, and their selection is awesome. They have regular and dark ancho powder, $5.95 and $6.50 for 100g respectively.


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      1. re: Katzen

        I'd shop US-based sources. Chilly's is very pricey and not always the freshest. Go for whole chiles. Ground has a far shorter shelf life than whole. Besides, who knows what you're getting? Packaged chile powder here is usually mixed and highly variable in terms of heat and flavor, like pre-mixed curry powder.

        1. re: Katzen

          For what it's worth, Chilly chilies is closed (it says to be re-opened soon but who knows?).

        2. Lively Life Fine Food in the lower level of the St. Lawrence Market. They also have bags of dry peppers. They are a section north of the main stairwell.

          St. Lawrence Market
          92 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E, CA

          1. Whole Foods should have it. Likely not for the best price but they have it.


              1. re: ebay3392

                I'd suggest buying ancho chiles whole and grinding them in a spice grinder as you need them. This will help preserve freshness. I just bought both whole anchos and ancho powder from Chilly Chiles, along with several other chile types. I haven't tried any of it yet, but I'll taste my ancho powder and report back as to freshness.