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May 23, 2010 12:33 PM


Has anyone eaten at either of these 2 establishments? I would appreciate any information about the food, cleanliness and service. Also, if delivery to Disney hotels is available. Thanks.

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  1. We ate at Kosher Culinary last summer. The food was good if a bit expensive. Ambience left a lot to be desired (more dingy than dirty) so we just got takeout. Their website was also misleading as they were not open for lunch (opened around 5pm) and had no groceries. It is right down the road from Universal (less than 5 min by car), but I do not know if they deliver to hotels. We intend to check out Cohen's in Aug.

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      We were there on Succos. Selection was limited but there was something for each family member. It was 'tourist' type pricing but the food was good & filling (steak & chicken sandwiches) & their location is convenient. I agree that the place did not have a 'fresh' look but it was clean & respectable.

    2. I went to Cohens this past January. They weren't prepared for Yeshiva Winter Break so the lines were long. We did takeout since the house we were renting was minutes away. The food was very good and the place itself seemed clean. Service was hard to say since we did take-out. I am sure on a more normal week, the service would be fine. I would recommend and it probably is the best kosher food in the Orlando area.

      1. Is there a Prime Grill in Orlando? In checking online to see if there was anything new kosher I saw there website, but it was last updated in 2007. I checked the OK website (where they had their hashgacha from) and it is still listed. Is it still there?

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            Here is their webste:


            Their are also reviews of it on shamash.

        1. I've been to Kosher Culinary several times. Ever since they changed their emphasis to catering and their menu to "bistro" its been downhill. The food is now really mediocre and the place has become dirty- its actually an embarrassment to kosher cuisine. I would STAY AWAY!!!
          Cohen's Deli on the other hand is great! Justin is a gentleman; the food is quite good and the selection is fine. The place is clean and pleasant. The only downside is its distance from downtown Orlando although not too far from the parks. Cohen's does deliver to hotels. My family enjoyed great Shabbos cuisine from Cohen's recently while staying at the Ritz Grande Lakes. I recommend Cohen's highly!!

          1. We went to Disney World last week. I cannot recommend Cohen's enough. Food was top notch, service was just terrific. My wife is on a very strict diet and has a very short list of things she is allowed to eat. Justin went through all his options and actually went off menu to accommodate her (I called beforehand to confirm). Prices were a little Manhattanish, but that is to be expected, and portions were big enough and tasty enough to justify the cost. I have to go to Orlando on business in September, and I will be coming back with clients (hopefully).

            Cohen's Deli & Butcher Shop
            16640 Cagan Crossings Blvd #305
            Clermont FL 34714
            (352) 729-3399

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              We plan to be at universal either tomorrow or Monday. About how far away is Cohen's? Thanks

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                  how far is that back to the hotels by Lake Buena Vista near Disney? Thank you.

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                    From Cohen's to the hotels it will take about 20-25 minutes.

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                      I just checked Cohen' s menu. It seemed a little limited if one does not deli,as my son doesn't . Has anyone else been to Kosher Culinary lately? It is right near Universal. We need food when we go there ,as Disney has food. Does anyone know if Universal has Kosher food?

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                        Justin has much more than just deli. Check out his menu on his website. You'll be quite pleased I think.

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                          Universal does not have kosher food as far as I know. And call Justin at Cohen's. He's very accommodating. I would never go to Kosher Culinary- dirty, expensive, very limited menu.