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GELATO in Buenos Aires----current list of the top choices?

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Thank you for suggestions in advance.

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      1. I leave in 3 days and have done *a lot* of research. THE place that keeps coming up is Helados Scannapieco, Avendia Corodoba 4826 in the Palermo district. It's 70 years old and family owned for generations.. 50 flavors.

        This place is also referenced in the book Food Journeys of a Lifetime as one of the Top 10 Places to eat ice cream.

        Volta is also high on many lists--the one near Rocoletta--seemingly there's 2.

        FWIW, Freddo is a chain. Which may be ok but if you are flitting South do yourself a favor!

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          I have been to the place on Avenida Cordoba. It is wonderful, not only for the choice and quality of flavore but also because it still has the air of a 1930s old -fashioned ice cream parlor. Marble floors, long glass fronted cabinets, girls sitting around small marble topped tables. very very wonderful. Which is not to say that Volta isn't delish too (at lesast four types of dulce de leche ice cream) . Try them both! Ice cream from BA is the best..

        2. Thank you for responses. Have been to Freddo--that is just a chain with very average product by BA statndards--maybe it would be outstanding some pleaces in the US, or other locations where there are no real gelato shops.

          1. Had a full month of daily helado in Buenos Aires, and the hands down winner (most like Italian gelato) for me was Un' Altra Volta, in particular the chocolate volta (with whole hazelnuts) and the raspberry, and the lemon....

            There are now eight locations; we preferred the one on Santa Fe (near Callao) for the lovely (quiet) courtyard at the back. They are pricey, though-- you are paying for ambience as much as the helado.

            Also enjoyed a more down to earth experience (no frills; cheaper; eat on the sidewalk) at Procopio on Bustamante.

            Pistachio was hard to come by-- what I did find was a frightening bright green with a chemical flavour.

            Dan @ Casa Saltshaker has an excellent review of the top choices here: http://www.saltshaker.net/restaurant-...

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              Persicco is very very good. Freddo has become industrial crap. (It used to be outstanding.) If you had never had ice cream there before, you'd think it was very good. Several years went by between two of my trips, with dreams of Freddo, and I was in shock. I like Nonna Bianca in my 'hood (when I'm down there) - in San Telmo on Estados Unidos, not far from L Brigada. This is a "1 shop" operation.

            2. Volta is phenomenal. The Dulce de Leche Volta is awesome.

              1. My vote goes to Persicco. I've eaten at and reviewed practically all the best gelato places in Argentina, be it in Buenos Aires, Mendoza, or Bariloche, but I have yet to encounter a better ice cream.

                What really sets Persicco apart is not just the quality of the ice cream itself--it's served perfectly, with no iciness, and is incredibly smooth and creamy--but it also has really unique flavors, unlike most of the other chains. Expect some oddities like Dolciatta (Dulce de Leche with strawberries and cookies) and Chocuquinna (Cookie, dulce de leche, chocolate cake). Oh, and Persicco also has by far the best chocolate I've ever tasted in my life.

                As for Volta, I do think it deserves some praise. It has amazing chocolate (its specialty), but some of the other flavors can be a bit dull.

                And Freddo is really the chain you go to when you don't have time to go to something better. Their dulce de leche is pretty decent, but the gelato isn't quite as flavorful in general.

                Hope that helps!

                Take care,
                The Food Buster

                1. Scannapieco (Cordoba & Armenia) and Cadore (Corrientes & Rodriguez Peña), really no one else, particularly the chain places, get even close. Of the chains, my preference is Volta, but there's truly not a huge difference in the quality level of the major players - Persicco, Volta, Chungo, Freddo - the first three were all started by the same family with the same recipes - they've changed over time, but not that much....