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May 23, 2010 11:50 AM

Are there any Filipino restaurants around the Tampa area?

I've googled but have not found anything. I was wondering if any of you know or heard of one around here. I heard there are some in the Orlando area. I do cook a lot of Filipino food but sometimes I just want to go to a restaurant and try out cuisines that I haven't cooked yet or don't cook at all.


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  1. The only one I'm aware of is Regina's in Pinellas Park. I have driven by it many times, but have never been. I have heard some good things about it, though.

    Here is their website:

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      Ooh the "fried ruffle fat with vinegar dip" sounds dee-lish ;)

    2. You should definitely check out the annual Fil Fest in Tampa, our Filipino friend swears it's amazing, I always forget to put it on our calendar and thusly miss it by a couple weeks every year

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        I did go to Philfest this year but I misplaced the program that I got which I think had a lot of the vendors we used. I'm going to have to check out Regina's. Thanks!