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May 23, 2010 09:40 AM

temporary closing - Beaubien SAQ Sélection

The two-storey Beaubien Sélection SAQ branch (corner St-André, métro Beaubien) is closing during the first week of June for renovations that are projected to take a couple of months. In the meantime, a VERY small temporary branch will be opened on St-Hubert just north of Beaubien, east side of the street. Although this temporary branch will devote half of its limited space to Sélection products, it means that there will be only a fraction of the usual product choice.


Montréal - 23066

SAQ - Sélection
900, rue Beaubien Est
Téléphone : (514)270-1776
Télécopieur : (514)272-8281

Directeur : Nicolas Mimouni

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  1. Thanks for the info, I was wondering what was going on. The store on St. Hubert street is CRAPPY (the air conditioning doesn't even work...). I don't know why they're renovating the Beaubien street store, they did a major renovation of it just a few years ago. Doesn't make sense why they'd do another renovation so soon. Does anyone know?????

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    1. re: drunkagain

      They're overhauling the store to bring it into line with the new outlet concept. Among other things this involves replacing or repainting the shelving units; changing their layout; repainting or refinishing the walls and floors; changing the lighting and wiring; installing new equipment (flat screen TVs, vinotheques, vinotheque ticket distributors, etc.); creating tasting stations and documentation walls; installing new signage; and quite possibly installing new networked workstation-like cash registers; not to mention other site-specific changes I'm unaware of (knocking down walls, for example). Some outlets -- Laurier West was one -- stayed open during the renovations but the complexities of Beaubien's layout (three floors, top floor open to the first, spiral staircase, staircase and elevator in the back of the store, use of mosaics in the previous decoration) combined with the sheer number of bottles, the extent of the renovations and the availability of affordable nearby temporary space may have convinced the higher-ups that, from a logistical and efficiency standpoint, closing the outlet during the renovations was the way to go.

      1. re: carswell

        Ahh, I see. Thanks for the quick reply (I wasn't sure I'd even get one - wasn't sure anyone would know why they were doing the renovations). I guess the annoyance of going to the awfull St. Hubert street store for a few months will be worth it. Although I don't know if I'll take advantage of any of the stuff in the renovated store - I usually only go to the SAQ to buy vodka ; )

        1. re: drunkagain

          If you live in the neighbourhood I'd highly suggest going to the Petite-Italie outlet on St-Laurent, corner Mozart, or the Jean-Talon Market outlet. Petite-Italie has a thoughtful choice of Sélection wines (not the most expensive, of course, but some very good choices) and is not as busy as JTM. For more expensive wines, Laurier is not really very far from here. Carswell has pointed out that the Mont-Royal/Papineau Sélection doesn't have adequate air conditioning either, to keep the best products, and I did notice that after his advice.

          The Sélection wines on St-Hubert could deteriorate in a few months of that heat; even the staff looked quite wilted. I went in there to have a look, and didn't buy anything. Almost tripped on a loose floor mat... SAQ was seeking out larger temporary premises and would have found them a few years ago, as Plaza St-Hubert had fallen on such hard times, but it is bouncing back a bit, which should continue when the Quartier 54 complex of condos and cooperatives is finished just south of the "Plaza".

          Jean-Talon Market
          7075 Avenue Casgrain, Montreal, QC H2S, CA

          1. re: lagatta

            lagatta, thanks for the info about the wine.
            I was at the temporary SAQ outlet on St. Hubert street this past Wednesday, it was a hot day, still no air conditioning, the doors were open...
            But, at least the SAQ did open a nearby temporary outlet. When they closed for renovations a few years ago they didn't.

            1. re: drunkagain

              Always welcome, when I spot something.

              Odd in a way because there is now La Petite Italie branch nearby as well as Jean-Talon Market (which has gone through many changes). Though sadly for friends in eastern Villeray and Petite-Patrie, the little branch at the corner of Jean-Talon and Bordeauxh (between Papineau and de Lorimier) is no more, not to mention the loss of the Parc-Ex branch next to Loblaws. Those people could go up to the branch north of the 40, on Papineau north of Crémazie by the Maxi, but it is a trek on foot, and if not costs either transport tickets or gasoline.

              Don't forget the branch on Jarry (corner Lajeunesse).

              One major positive change nowadays is that one can consult to find what is available at which branches.

              Jean-Talon Market
              7075 Avenue Casgrain, Montreal, QC H2S, CA

              1. re: lagatta

                Was in the temporary St. Hubert street outlet yesterday. They've fixed it up a bit, and the air conditioning was working. Also passed by the outlet on Beaubien, there were workers inside, well, working, doing the renovations. No signage at either place saying when the renovations will be completed...

                I don't think that what says is available at the temporary St. Hubert street outlet is accurate (it's not for Smirnoff vodka, anyway). First time I went there they only had 750 ml bottles of Smirnoff vodka. When I got home, checked the website and it showed that they had 1.14 liter bottles and 1.75 liter bottles.

                Every time I've gone to the outlet I've checked the Smirnoff vodka, they've always only had the 750 ml bottles, but then when I check the website, it shows they have the other sizes.

                Yesterday, again, only 750 ml bottles. Today the website shows 11 1.75 liter bottles and 31 1.14 liter bottles.

                The weird thing is, is that the available number of bottles changes. The last time I checked the website, it showed 9 11.75 liter bottles.

              2. re: drunkagain

                They actually did, it was just a but further on Bélanger and Chambord.

      2. I was at the temporary outlet a couple days ago, there was a blackboard (!) behind one of the cashes. The message written on the blackboard was that the outlet on Beaubien would be reopening next Wednesday, August 11.
        I'm curious to see what changes have been made to the Beaubien outlet. I may go there Wednesday and check it out.

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        1. re: drunkagain

          I happened to walk past it - they have changed the layout of the ground floor level; of course I can't see up on the 1st floor where the Sélection wines are. It does look almost ready.

          A blackboard is rather sweetly lo-tech though, non?

          1. re: lagatta

            Can anyone in the hood confirm if this store is up and running in its old locale yet? Thanks.

            1. re: BrentMTL

              Sure can - it has been up and running for about two weeks. I lost a long post about the changes - will return to this later.

        2. related ...

          The SAQ on the corner of St-Denis and Rachel will move to the south-west corner of the same streets intersection.

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          1. re: Maximilien

            Perhaps you mean St-Denis and Duluth? Eons ago, it was located at the corner of St-Denis and Rachel, but I think that was at least 15 years ago.

            Getting back to Beaubien, they are supposed to be holding a grand opening some time this month - they didn't do that when they did re-open in August. Perhaps this week when they start up the annual French Wine Fair?

            A wee problem at Beaubien Sélection - their new wine-cooling device has far less capacity than the old one and there are long waits when the branch is busy. I would have thought they'd have put in a second one.

              1. re: Maximilien

                A staff member told me the grand re-opening of the Sélection branch is set for September 18th. I think the French Wine Fair will still be on then - that promotion starts tomorrow; I think it usually lasts three weeks or so.