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May 23, 2010 07:03 AM

Taiwanese cusine--New restaurant in Nashua NH

Has anybody tried the new place that replaced Red Leaf on DW Hwy? It's called Formosa Taipei and has some interesting items on the menu, like 3 cup chicken (a Taiwanese specialty), oyster pancake, "little juicy steamed pork buns" and intestine in hot and spicy sauce.

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  1. Well???!! I'm still curious about this place. I was nosing around the greater Boston boards and liked what I saw posted on the Lexington location's food.. I did go in the Nashua place once to pick up a menu and aside of the usual Chinese fare, it looked good and the atmosphere looked fairly Asian-attractive. A friend and a few others went for the lunch buffet and said it was a typical Chinese lunch buffet. which is in keeping with what their taste, but I'd like something a bit different. They got a good review in the local paper which mentioned that they serve dim sum on weekends. There has been a dearth of good dim sum in the area since Ming Garden exited some years ago. Can anyone confirm?

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      I have not been but an asian friend of mine told me about this several weeks ago and told me its really authentic and good and i have to go try it.. No specific details other than that...

    2. I was driving from the Liquor Store to Costco today, saw the kanji lettering and hit a hard right. Boy am I glad that I did.

      Since I was all alone, I was delighted to discover that they were still serving dim sum. I chose the hot & spicy beef noodle soup, daikon cake and the server suggested a cold plate of spicy bamboo shoots.

      Let's start with this lovely little cake. Oh my goodness was it good. Puff pastry surrounded shredded daikon which was pickled perhaps? I ate both of these.

      The soup was also good. Not too salty, it was a rich and deep broth with tiny bok choy, herbs and an ample amount of beef. Served in a large bowl, I was given a single serving bowl to transfer my serving to. Clearly designed for diners to share. I had two bowlfuls before I was too full to keep going. The bamboo shoots were unlike anything i have tried before. Strangely addicting and refreshing.

      Though two of the items I ate were called spicy, there were far more mild than even a good tex-mex meal.

      The staff spoke excellent English and fawned over me. Trust me, not because I am young and beautiful, but simply because I am white. "Why did you come?" "Do you like our food?" "No fork? really?" But it wasn't awkward at all. I simply thought that they would love to know how I came to find them so they could add more people to their customer base.

      The place was quite full at 2pm on a Saturday. One huge multi-generational group, about 10 families, and then a few couples.

      Based on my tiny sampling today, I think this is a great addition to the fast-food world that is Nashua. I frequently travel to the far northern region of New Hampshire, and have a new place to stop and I couldn't be more thrilled.

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        Cool. I have been twice now. Last time i was there i actually had 2 of the 3 dishes you had. The hot&spicy beef soup is more of an "five spice" flavor than the normal spicy i prefer. My gf
        really likes their rendition. The daikon cakes are tasty, i was expecting something more similar to the cantonese turnip cakes normally found at cantonese dimsum. This was totally different as you describe. Very rich and flaky. I also really like their bubble tea. The black tea "normal" bubble tea is really good. My gf got a strawberry fruit smoothie bubble tea last time, that was not very good and very artificial tasting/overpowering. We also had the chive pie last time which was a nice version, not quite as good as the chive pie at Beijing Star in Waltham though.
        Both visits we got the little juicy steamed pork buns. Love those things. Plenty of soup inside.

      2. I'm so glad you posted this. All of a sudden, there's a glut of quality authentic regional Chinese food in New Hampshire. Soup dumplings and three cup chicken just a short drive away. YEE HAW!!

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          Three cup chicken--sanbeiji--is so incredibly easy to make: ginger and garlic in oil in pot, chicken thighs hacked into halves or thirds then browned, add equal parts (the "cup"--use a third or half a cup of each depending on how much chicken you have) of soy sauce, sesame oil, and cooking wine (xiaoxing jiu, whatever--tail end of a bottle of white), cook til done--can add fresh basil near end, lots, if you want. Yum.

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            A glut? what else can you recommend for authentic Chinese?

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              There's this place, another Taiwanese place in Hooksett called Asian Breeze, a Cantonese place in Concord called Sunshine Oriental, another Cantonese place who's name I can't recall in the Manchester/Hooksett strip mall that houses Shorty's Mexican (yuck), and a place called Cheng Du Kitchen which, oddly enough, is not Sichuan. The owners of the last one are actually from Fujian province, and I'm a little outside my comfort zone there. Certainly, this is not a glut by Boston standards. But when I consider the fact that twelve months ago, none of this could be found in NH, I realize that things are really looking up. I live in Concord NH, so I grade restaurants within twenty or thirty minutes of my home on a more generous scale.

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                Thanks. I was reading about Cheng Du Kitchen, and certainly would like to try authentic Fujian food (maybe on Sunday since I'll be in Londonderry for a few days.) The alleged Fujian restaurant in Chinatown refused to serve either me or my friend what we wanted to eat (on two separate visits) so we no longer bother to try it.

                Sichuan food is popular all over China these days, enough so that "Gourmet Dumpling House" in Chinatown does some of the basic dishes pretty well. So it wouldn't surprise me if CDK also did a passable job with it.

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                  Yes, Asian Breeze is so good, if you order off their "special menu." The special menu in the restaurant was more than the website listed for special menu too.
                  Make sure you ask for it, it's the authentic menu that is bilingual Chinese and English. Our favorites are the san bei ji as it happens, any greens they have that day (cooked "qing chao" just stirfried with garlic), and a spicy fish dish that is several nice fillets of fish swimming in a hot chili & Sichuan peppercorn broth/soup. The waiters are very nice and if you are interested in trying different authentic things, will make recommendations of what is good and what goes well together for a meal.
                  Unfortunately given where they are located, a lot of people want their usual favorite pu pu platter crap. But if you can say a few words or names of dishes you like in Chinese, they will know you are serious about good food and prepare you some great dishes you won't otherwise taste in the NH.


                  Asian Breeze
                  1328 Hooksett Rd Ste 41, Hooksett, NH 03106

            2. FYI Formosa Taipei in Nashua is "temporarily closed"

              We tried ordering takeout from Formosa this past Saturday and the phone just rang out. We drove by on Sunday and found a sign on the door that said they are temporarily closed and will re-open under new management.

              I really hope they don't change the menu