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May 23, 2010 07:01 AM

headed to vegas end of june-need recs


coming out for three nights. first night i am solo and might do a buffet or just eat bar food at the wonderful brewery at main street station and then my wife come out for two nights and we are oing to do crafsteak the first night and i need recs for the second night. something really mind blowing. cost not a problem. we have done mix at the hotel at mandalay at the atmosphere was awesome and the food good but heavy duty on the price. but, like i said price not a problem, i just figured mix would of been a little better food wise for the price. anyhow, we go everywhere so off strip is fine, downtown is fine, strip is fine.

also, we like to wnader during the day and get one or two appetizers at bars of nive restuarants and have drinks. any recs on that as well? perhaps italian for the second night?

thank you. i love vegas and am reallly excited.

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  1. For drinks, I highly recommend MiX - go at sunset and watch the lights of Vegas come on, skip the food if you didn't love it last time. I also highly recommend Parasol Down at the Wynn - sit outside beside the Lake of Dreams.

    I've only been to Vegas once and you're already going to the restaurant that we loved enough to go back to, but for our mind blowing meal this time we're going to L'Atelier - it seems to be universally beloved on this board. For Italian we're trying B&B but if you like Italian/Mediterannean style seafood Bartolotto has outstanding reviews around here.

    In terms of appetizers, again I'm just going on recs from this site, but we're thinking Bubble Bar and the lounge menu at Fleur de Lys.

    1. "something really mind blowing, cost not a problem"--easy answer: Alex at The Wynn. I've dined at Alex 4 times in the past 2 1/2 years, and each time it's been "mind blowing" great. It's definitely not for the cost conscious (although they were participating in the "Taste of Wynn" special--dinner before 7:00 p.m.). My most recent dinner at Alex is mid April of this year. Have a great time!