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May 23, 2010 05:48 AM

what dessert to bring for an unknown meal

I'm bringing dessert to a small dinner party, but I don't know what the hosts are serving. I'm not such a dessert person, so my impulse would be towards fresh berries and fresh whipped cream, but they love dessert. I know they love cakes, and especially chocolate, but that sounds so heavy to me. Any bright ideas from Hounds?? Thank you!

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  1. i usually bring an orange inflected cheesecake from black hound bakery whenever i go to something like this. they also have a chocolate and raspberry cake that is not overtly sinisterly chocolate-y.

    momofuku milk bar's cakes are so rich and unique that people usually love them...good conversation piece as well.

    or, steve's key lime pie is served at citarella. i love them.

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      Thanks sam1! All great ideas- I think I'll pay a trip to Milk Bar. You're description of the black hound cake not being overtly sinisterly chocolate-y is hilarious!

      1. re: luckiestduck

        i think the milk bar is overly sweet to the point where it almost hurts. i wouldnt waste a trip if you're looking for thing to get for your party, it's too hit or miss. i even have a friend from high school that works there so I can get many iterms discounted or for free, but i dont cause i really dont like the milk bar.
        the only good thing about going there though is if your trip is a bust that there a lots of places nearby like spot, led zeppole, chickalicious, blackhound, veniero's, birdbath build a green bakery, etc. but if you have the money or time to do a sweet eating walking tour then go for it, they can be fun and i've done them a lot. but in general im just not a fan of milk bar and everyone i know either loves it or hates it so i would never go there to impress someone. the only time i ever go there is if im curious about an item.

    2. hm...I would get chocolate chip walnut cookies from levain. the cookie is very cakey and chocolatey with a beautiful crispy exterior. then i would buy a quart or two or three pints of gelato from screme. heat up the cookie for a littl bit and serve it a la mode. another idea would be to kee's chocolates and get a much of chocolates, i personally like them best frozen. you can also get mini cupcakes at two little red hens, the blackout is very chocolatey.

      1. I was going to suggest sorbet or ice cream from Il Laboratorio del Gelato/Ciao Bella/etc, if you're concerned about "matching" the main course. But the other options sound incredible...

        1. Can I come to this party?


            delicious, fresh cannolis
            the mini ones are great for dessert