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May 23, 2010 03:28 AM

Good For Families - MUNICH

I'll be meeting my son and his family in Munich next month. We need some help with good, family-friendly restaurants and perhaps a few more elegant meals for the adults. The grandchildren are below the age of 10 but eat everything. Thanks for any ideas...

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  1. All the traditonal German places are very family friendly. Especially the ones with outdoor seating. Actually, any place with outdoor seating will be kid-friendly. If they start to rebel at some point and want something familar, L'Osteria on Leopoldstrasse does a very good pizza, and very reasonably priced.

    In terms of elegant meals, check older threads, there's tons of information.

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      In regards to the German Places mentioned by Behemoth, my favorite is Der Pschorr. Their quality of food and cooking is in my opinion the best of the big beer houses. I also found the updated build out of the location very interesting:


    2. I would second Der Pschorr. Awesome food with indoor and outdoor seating. Their beef roulade is outstanding.