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May 22, 2010 11:37 PM

Crixa Russian cheesecake

Dinner guests tonite all agreed that the cheesecake was amazing: light, clean taste. As good as -- if not better than -- Junior's in Brooklyn.

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  1. Please, how is Russian cheesecake different than say NY style? Is it savory?

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    1. re: kemi5

      Here's the ingredients (posted on the website):
      Russian-style cheesecake of sweet curd cheese, sour cream and vanilla.

      It has a very smooth flavor.

      1. re: kemi5

        It is lighter, less dense and, though this isn't true at Crixa, can be on the dry side.

        Here's the photo from the website

        1. re: rworange

          Agreed. I don't even like cheesecake and I love this stuff. It's almost savory and very light. You get the curds of salty farmer cheese on your tongue.

          1. re: sandunga_rbb

            When people describe the Crixa cheesecake as light,I don't get the comparison to NY or Junior's cheesecake which are dense.Russian cheesecake at Crixa sounds delicious but like a totallly different recipe than what's become NY style cheesecake, also a recipe of Russian Jews.Interestingly cheesecake origins are disputed to have come from the Greeks,Romans and Russians.

            1. re: casalbore spirit

              Great article. Thanks. Yeah, it is kinda silly to describe a food item as "Russian" when that term itself is so vague. There are so many different kinds of cultures, and the borders kept changing depending on who won the war.

              But all I can say is, the Crixa version is habit forming...

              1. re: casalbore spirit

                NY-style Jewish cheesecake is different from Russian cheesecake. While there are Russian Jews there are more Russians that are not Jews. It is a different style.

                Being of Eastern European ancestry, I don't find it vague at all. Polish cheesecake is the lightest and dryest with Russian a sort of mid-point between Polish and NY-style Jewish.

                Someone who is looking for Jewish cheesecake might be disappointed with Crixa if they are expecting a different style

                Frankly, like everything else there, I find Crixa's Russian cheesecake far superior to most Russian cheesecakes I have tried. It doesn't have that dryness to it. It is probably the best example of this style of cheesecake you will find and might lead to disappointment should you try a version from a standard Russian bakery.