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May 22, 2010 10:45 PM

Favorite delivery companies

Well, I tore my calf muscle and it's pretty hard getting around to restaurants and grocery stores. What say the Tokyo community on the best delivery options?

Last night I tried a new place called Azabu Hathi and was very disappointed. The sag curry tasted like Japanese curry. My two favorite indian delivery shops are:
Devi Fusion

What's your favorite rainy day delivery shop?

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  1. Ouch, I hope it gets better soon.

    Delivery options really depend quite a bit on where you live. I'm at the north end of Shibuya-ku, and I get deliveries from Tandoor for Indian, Aubergine for oofu curry, Oriental Deli for Thai and Pe'z Magic for the occasional sandwich, and each of those is pretty much my only option in its category.

    Don't forget that National Azabu also take telephone orders and delivers. Or maybe you have to fax them, I'm not sure.

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    1. re: Robb S

      Yikes, I completely forgot that it's all dependent on your location. I see Pez Magic on my demae-can website, is it any good?

      Good idea with National Azabu, I'll look into the delivery options there.

      1. re: lost squirrel

        If I had a choice I'd pick Homework's over Pe'z Magic (what is the connection between sandwiches and extraneous punctuation anyway?). But some of their sandwiches have been okay, in my limited experience. (ISTR I had concerns about too much celery in the tuna salad, but then I'm pretty picky about tuna salad.)

        1. re: Robb S

          Thanks Robb. I have Homeworks delivery available as well as Faith burgers too so maybe I'll stick with them.

    2. Pizza Salvatre Cuomo, Rasoi curry (meguro), I really like my lebanon in ebisu/ daikayama for lebanese but usually call & do takeaway so not sure if they deliver... Hope the leg gets better soon :)