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May 22, 2010 06:53 PM

Where to buy flavored syrups?

I want to buy a variety of flavored syrups. Like the kind coffee stores or snowball stands use (although probably different qualities). Where is the best place to find them? (prefer Mont Co, but please inform of other areas too). Thanks!

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  1. My boys love making snowballs, and we get the syrups at decent prices (gallons) from the same place we got the excellent countertop ice shaver:

    A while back my wife came home with some small bottles (16oz???) from Bed Bath & More (I have no idea why anyone would want this in their bed or their bath).

    1. Years ago, I discovered "Italian sodas." To make them requires flavored syrups of your choice, so I had a similar challenge. I found its just as easy to order on-line as to hunt all over town. I recommend or its link The varieties are endless.

      1. A lot of places carry them but World Market carries a good selection. I go to the one at Mid-Pike Plaza, behind Silver Diner, at Rockville Pike and Old Georgetown Road.

        World Market
        8125 Wisconsin Ave Ste 1, Bethesda, MD 20814

        1. Koldkiss in Baltimore makes the classic syrups. Don't miss "Skylite" and "Tiger's Blood". Two of the legendary snowball flavors.

          1. If you live in Baltimore you can get them dirt cheep at the KoldKiss factory store downtown