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May 22, 2010 06:40 PM

Gelato in the Albany area?

Now that Aromi di Italia (which became Cafe Teria at the end) is gone, where else can we go for gelato? We like Crisan's gelato, but it's so hard to park on or near Lark Street, and the selection is somewhat small. Are there any other places that serve great gelato in lots of flavors?

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  1. Eugenio's in Saratoga Springs is supposed to reopen sometime soon. But there's Gelateria Lisa in Troy's reviving Little Italy.

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    1. re: PSZaas

      That looks great! We'll definitely have to try Gelateria Lisa. Thanks!

      1. re: PSZaas

        I tried Eugenio's a few times in the past and found their gelato disappointing. Do like Crisan's, but agree with the parking issue. Will have to check out Gelateria Lisa next time I'm in Troy. Thanks.

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          We went to Gelateria Lisa tonight and it was wonderful! Very easy parking, cute little store with about 4 tables inside and 2 outside. I didn't count how many flavors they had, but it was about 12. I had blueberry honey and my husband had raspberry cream. Both had a creamy gelato base and then a fruit syrup swirled in and on top. Really good! There were other interesting looking flavors like white chocolate heath bar. They are also selling their gelato and sorbetto at the Colonie farmers market, Saturday mornings at the Crossings.
          We'll definitely be enjoying it often (perhaps after a pizza from D'Fazios or Red Front!)

          1. re: AmyH

            Went back to Gelateria LIsa last night. They actually have 18 flavors available, gelatos and sorbettos (gelati and sorbetti?). Just as good as the last time. Two of us had strawberry cheesecake flavor, one had cherry, one mocha chip, and one stracciatella.

            1. re: AmyH

              AmyH, do they have fig?

              PS Eugene's in S. Springs is now open . . .

              1. re: financialdistrictresident

                They didn't have fig either time we went. But they had a different group of flavors each time, so maybe they have it sometimes. Next time I go I could ask if they ever have it.

                1. re: AmyH

                  Thanks so much, AmyH.

                  I'm on a mission . . .

                  1. re: financialdistrictresident

                    Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure I had fig gelato at Crisan's on Lark last time we were there (which was probably back in the springtime). You should call ahead to find out if they have it before attempting to park around there.

                    1. re: AmyH

                      Don't know about fig gelato, FDR, but Crisan's is good and really cheap!

            2. re: AmyH

              Went to Gelateria Lisa on Saturday evening. It was closed, with a sign on the door that said they are relocating to Colonie Center. They plan to open there on August 1 and will have a new name... "Chill". I imagine they'll do much better business there, but it's disappointing to me because I liked going over to their Troy location. I haven't seen them at the Crossings farmers market at all this summer, either.

              1. re: AmyH

                I believe they had a cart at the Schenectady market on Sunday.

          2. You might try the Altamont restaurant The Homefront Cafe, we love the chocolate hazelnut. And you can take it across to the park.

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              I'm pretty sure Bella Napoli bakery (on rte 9 about a mile S. of Latham Circle, at the corner of rte 155) offers gelato at their café counter. Easy parking in back and it's a lot closer than Saratoga, anyway- really only ten minutes drive from Lark St..

              Haven't tried their gelato myself so I can't speak to selection or quality- every time I go there I'm immediately drawn to the bakery cases, especially their fantastic baby creampuffs filled with real old style custard, instead of some whipped synthetic abomination...

              1. re: eclecticsynergy

                Has anyone tried the new gelato stand at the Schenectady Green Market? I saw them there last Sunday, but didn't have a chance to try their gelato.