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will be at the snack and candy expo-what candy/snacks do you want to be kosher?

I will be at the snack and candy expo-what candy/snacks meeting vendors and snacking. A report will follow after I return. Companies like Mars, tootsie rolls, hersheys and other small time companies are displaying

What snack/candy products do you want to be kosher that are not already?

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  1. GUM &breath mints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. various chewing gum, sour patch candy,tootsie roll lollipops,

      1. I think a biggie on people's list, although I don't know if it is in the catagory of snacks, would be Pop Tarts.

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          Ah, that reminds me of an online petition to make pop tarts kosher.....

          1. re: Kosher Critic

            We had one. It was removed from this forum because of an apparent usage policy violation. It never gained momentum as a result.

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              I bought kosher Doritos in Israel.

              1. Combos, skittles (they are/were kosher in the UK), Starburst (they are kosher in the UK), Life savers.

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                  pop tarts, twinkies, doritos, life savers

                  1. wonka candy (runts, nerds etc..), Doritos, any mainstream gum.

                    1. Hostess Cupcakes, Sno Balls, Twinkies.

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                        Triangle-K not doing it for you?

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                          I didn't check. Hostess Cupcakes have Triangle-K?

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                            Some products have OU, some don't have anything. Twinkies are no longer kosher. Don't know about Cupcakes specifically except that the Hostess website isn't so helpful.

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                              I recently looked at the twinkies and cupcakes at Walgreens and there was no kosher symbol at all. I din't find a kosher symbol on any of their items.

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                                Oy... you missed all the deleted posts, to make a long story short. They stopped being under any supervision a few years ago --but were at one time under Triangle - K

                      2. WOW this topic makes me glad to think I have to wrack my brain a bit to come up with products I'm missing. Goes to show you how many items do have supervision.

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                          I agree, except recently I wanted to buy some candy for the kids in the shul (a chewy candy or gum as its safer) and I couldn't find any mainstream candy or gum that was parve and kosher. We had to buy it from the kosher isle which is so much more expensive. We rotate between that and dum dums. Can't wait for tootsie rolls and double buble to release their product with a symbol.

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                            Check out the Sunkist fruit thingies ( http://www.sunkistcandy.com/ ).

                            As for Hostess, I think I may have confused Drake's and Hostess, which have some sort of relationship, maybe?

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                              What about small Laffy Taffy? They're individually wrapped..

                              1. re: tamarw

                                i found kosher tootsie roll pops wild apple berry and other flavors like that. dubble bubble is also going OU-packaging w/OU will soon appear

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                                  I agree with Himishgal- there are so many products that have hasgacha
                                  now for that last couple of years i have been wondering why Nabisco's Oreo' cookies are kosher but can't get it on Mallowmars - I heard Mallowmars are only around in the winter months - so Nabisco has a whole summer to figure a way to get Kosher gelatin for the white fluffy stuff. As a kid i remember seeing Lard as an ingredient on Oreos & only wished that one day they would become kosher. Now lets get going on Mallowmars - They always look so good

                                  1. re: caterman

                                    Nabisco dropped lard to cater to public perceptions of "healthy" and it was pure coincidence that it enabled them to get certification (they didn't wake up one day thinking "how can we expand the market to observant Jews?"). Once the market demands non-animal-sourced marshmallows then Mallomars will follow suit.

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                                      I'm certainly no expert, but I don't think non-animal (veggie) gelatin will do it; I think only the fish and bovine gelatins give the structure to marshmallows. For example, marshmallow fluff has long been kosher, and it's definitely a marshmallowy-product, but has no structure. Actual marshmallows, though, need the structural power of actual gelatin, which, has to be made from fish at least, if not a four-legged creature.

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                                        I think I'm echoing QC's comments above...even the kosher marshmallows are made from fish gelatin.

                                        Are there commercial vegan marshmallows?

                                        1. re: vallevin

                                          Yes, there are, but I don't know if they are kosher.

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                                          Marshmallow fluff is a bad example, it's intentionally soft & spreadable and omits gelatin to achieve that consistency - it's more of a sticky meringue. Agar and carrageenan can be used as a substitute for stiffer marshmallows. In fact, agar can make temperature-stable gels that remain very firm at high ambient temps (unlike animal-based gelatins which like cool temps).

                                2. Kahula needs to be kosher again and please beg them to make Baker's Unsweetened Baking Chocolate parve again.

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                                    Oh yes,.............., I almost want to take back my gum and breath mints comments if means getting kahlua again. P.S. Hershey's baking chocolate is pareve.

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                                      I saw some parve Callebaut chocolate at Restaurant Depot yesterday. Not unsweetened chocolate but I was told that it's excellent chocolate. They sell it in large quantities and you need a tax id to shop there.

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                                        Kahlua and some decent dry sherry that I can drink as well as cook with. Not that they are snacks. p.j.

                                        1. re: koshergourmetmart

                                          Mento's made in the US, so I can stop spending a fortune buying them at the kosher stores. Also, more REAL gum that does not lose flavor after thirty seconds.