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May 22, 2010 05:28 PM

looking for restaurants/pubs in Regina

In a couple of weeks I will be at a conference at the University of Regina and staying on Campus. The eating/drink options appear to be very limited so I am looking for some recommendations. We will have to take taxis so some place fairly accessible will be good and as some in the group have limited budgets not too expensive would also be good. Typically we have gone to Indian restaurants, but this may not be the best choice in Regina. It would be also good if there were vegetarian options.

Would also appreciate advice on pubs etc in the area, within walking distance would be wonderful, but we can take taxis. Someplace relatively quiet so we can talk -

Thanks for any suggestions.


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  1. Hello, and hope your trip to Regina features some of the great spring weather we've had lately.
    Restaurants of note:
    13th Avenue Cafe - this tiny vegetarian restaurant is so popular, it is noticed as one of the best eateries in the city every year. Area: Cathedral
    Willow on Wascana - perched just above the boathouses on the marina at Wascana Park, this is a place to spend a lingering evening over dinner. Budget straining but delicious! Also, remarkably close to campus, it may be a 10 minute walk.
    Spices of Punjab - one of the newest Indian restaurants to grace the city, and, a challenge to find, and, less then auspicious surroundings. Does it matter? No. A treat.
    Stand-bys: Earls in Regina (2 locations) outshine their counterparts in other cities.
    Pubs: the Dewdney strip offers something for everyone. Cab it. Bushwakkers brew pub boasts self-brewed beers that are world class (may have something to do with the collection of retired physicists that take brewing very seriously). McNally's atmosphere as a pub is heightened whenever a local band takes stage.
    Those are my picks...but a final note: best sushi in town is at Michi.

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      I second all the recommendations above.

      It's been a minute since I've been in Regina, but I I'll throw in a recommendation for Korea House: friendly, authentic Korean food in downtown Regina. Has some vegetarian options.

      It's right down the road from Ngoc Van. Best Vietnamese in the city. They've got decent banh mi, and I dig the rice noodles. Korea House and Ngoc Van are around the 1400 block of 11th Ave. Decent Euro/Ukrainian grocery stores over there, too. Not sure where you're coming from, but it could be worth a look.

      Pubs, coffeeshops... hmm... I mean, if you're at the university, there's Stone's Throw, right across the street, on Kramer. For drinks downtown, I'd say O'Hanlon's (1947 Scarth Street) for pints, and maybe Crave (1925 Victoria Avenue) for cocktails or a glass of wine (they've got tapas-style plates, too).

      Depending on where you're coming from, this might not be an incredibly impressive list, but I can recommend all of them.

      1. re: DylanLK

        Go to the Italian Star Deli (1611 Victoria Ave) and grab a sandwich, too. I miss those more than anything else in the entire city.

        Italian Star Deli
        1611 Victoria Ave, Regina, SK S4P, CA

        1. re: DylanLK


          Thanks for the reply. I am from Toronto but to tell you the truth, while I like good food, I am not too enamoured by most of the "must go to's" Often more about the chef than about good food in the company of friends and good conversation. Glad to hear there is a pub near campus; somehow it often seems that people get ready to go for drinks but want to leave at different times which makes taxi pools awkward.


          1. re: DylanLK

            O'Hanlon's is a great place for pizza and a pint, but watch out if you're there too late on a Friday or Saturday. It turns into a crowded meet market/dance party.

        2. Regina doesn't have a lot in the way of restaurants compared to almost any other city in Canada, but there are a few gems. I grew up there and don't really know too much about the really new places, but some excellent ones that have stood the test of time:

          Greko's- Albert street south Some of the most amazing Greek food I have ever had, including when I was in Greece.

          Cathedral Village Freehouse- Albert street downtown- Funky resturant with a great patio and fantastic food, some of the best vegetarian options in the city.

          LaBodega- a tapas place also on Albert, downtown. Great drinks, lots of funkiness here, and very good food, with some innovative dishes, also has some good veggie options.

          1. Hi!

            I tend to agree with most in that the pickings are slim in Regina, but there are a few good places.

            I have to second Wonderflosity on all their suggestions. I used to work at the Freehouse, and they have some very good food. The pizzas are especially good... (wood fired oven) It's moderately priced.

            La Bodega is a cool Tapas Bar. I had Lamb Enchiladas there the other day and they were fantastic! It's also surprisingly inexpensive...

            Grekos is good as far as food, although the atmosphere is very stuffy, and it's in a strip mall. It's also on the pricey side.

            There is a restaurant on Scarth St. called Beer Brothers. which is great! They have a huge selection of beer, and all the food is beer themed. The atmosphere is nice, and the food is very good. It's pretty upscale though.

            Beer Bros is owned and run by the same people who run The Willow on Wascana, which is undoubtedly the best high end restaurant in the city, and the only one that can come close to high end restaurants in Toronto. (I lived in Toronto this year)

            Unfortunately, non of these restaurants are close to the university... but I can vouch for Stone's Throw across the street from the University. It's one of the best coffee shops in the city.

            1. thread bump...

              any more thoughts or suggestions?

              I hope you had a nice visit Janet, do you have anything to add about your experiences?

              I'm going to be in Regina for a week at the end of Jan and I need to plan my itinerary!


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              1. re: lyndak

                stay away from downtown after dark

                And don't get pushed into trying the "Wheat Beer" absolutely terrible. I've had 2 day old budweiser that tasted better....

              2. I'm from Regina and go back regularly to see my family and there is one place that I eat at practically every time - Bushwakker's downtown. It's a brew pub that makes their own beer and everything is made from scratch with AMAZING fries (get it with your meal and you'll have a huge helping of homemade shoe string fries)
                If you're in the south end, I always ate far too much Tumbler's Western Pizza (it's a Western Pizza but those specific owners must put something addictive in their sauce)
                Also really like Cathedral Village Freehouse, Burger Baron, Rock Creek Pub (in the east end by the Walmart), always had fun hanging out at Bonzinni's (by Southland Mall - although food is not amazing, just decent), Italian Star Deli, and if you're there in the summer, totally have to get a Milky Way ice cream cone with sprinkle dinkle!!

                Italian Star Deli
                1611 Victoria Ave, Regina, SK S4P, CA