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May 22, 2010 03:55 PM

Great Pizza in Santa Clarita - Nick & Joe's

I just realized I've never written about this place! It has the best pizza in Santa Clarita! Sauce and dough made from scratch make a tasty combination to satisfy your pizza craving.

I've been going there for about a year now, and have never been disappointed. The meatball subs are fantastic, served with melted cheese on a nicely toasted roll. These meatballs are some of the best I've ever had.

They are going to be expanding their menu and including calzones and white pizza as well. i can't wati to try their calzone, I haven't had a good calzone in so long.

Its in a small strip mall on Soledad, and shares a parking lot with a Taco Bell (figured I'd give everyone a recognizable landmark)

Joe the owner is always there and friendly and willing to please his customers, and takes great pride in his food.

The prices are all very reasonable to boot, today we got a large house salad and a 12 inch cheese pizza and it was only $16 and change including tax, The pizza was I think $8, which is definitely a bargain for this caliber pizza. The crust has a nice chewiness and flavor with a generous helping of cheese and a sauce where you can taste the tomato, garlic and other spices.

If you haven't checked it out, definitely give it a try.

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  1. Thanks for the report Lisa. Is it a sit down restuarant? I've always liked Vicenzos pizza in our neck of the woods.

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    1. re: LA Buckeye Fan

      Yes, it is sit down, not a huge dining room though, I'd say around 15-20 seats, you can see the kitchen the whole time and interact with Joe.

      1. Wow! the best pizza in Santa Clarita...hmmm....somehow im not convinced that its so great....the website isnt terribly convincing...eeder...yo, get me a real NY pizza, please!

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        1. re: lapizzamaven

          Hmmmm, have you tried Nick & Joe's Pizza 'lapizzamaven'? I have not and although I'm skeptical about any restaurant in the SCV, land of endless bad corporate chains, I will reserve my judgement until I experience their product personally.

          Nick & Joe's Pizza
          18921 Soledad Canyon Rd, Canyon Country, CA 91351

          1. re: sel

            There website isn't the greatest, and I think that video is a parody of what a stereotypical NYer is. In Santa Clarita we are mostly a land of chains, so when you find an independent place that cares about the quality of food they are putting out and does make a good product, its worth giving it a shot. Their prices are also reasonable given what some other pizzas out here cost.

            Have you looked at other restaurants websites? Unless it has a lot of money behind you, most of them also have websites that are lacking. Just because you can cook, doesn't mean you can plan a website.

            1. re: LisaN

              You breakin' my meat-a-balls!

              I'll try it once just for that.

              Mr Taster

          2. re: lapizzamaven

            Im lookin at the pie in the photo and, though i'll keep an open mind, i'll wait to hear something a bit more positive about the pizza.... fresh ingredients are a step in the right direction but the crust isnt convincing...long live independents just please lets make a good da way, i meant no disrespect...

            1. re: lapizzamaven

              I have some photos i'll post tonight, I dont' have time to do it now. And Mr. Taster, speaking of meatballs, they have good ones, they use their family recipe, I had one of the best meatball subs I've ever had in my life (and I've eaten quite a few - originally from the east coast)

              Here is a friend of mine's review of the meatball sub with good pictures

              1. re: LisaN

                I agree with lapizzamaven in that the pizza photo on their website looks absolutely terrible, like a Japanese plasticized Pizza Hut model of the food.

                Having said that, I would love to see some real pics of the pizza... the meatball sub looks very promising... I've long been on the search for the perfect meatball sub in LA, because nobody gets it *just* right. (e.g. Bay Cities has great bread but the meatballs are mealy and mushy. Eastside Deli has great meatballs but they inexplicably use soft rolls and layer cold slices of cheese on top. The only decent, properly made meatball sub I've ever found in LA is oddly enough at an Asian-owned place in North Hollywood called Quickies-- firm, flavorful meatballs, toasted roll with garlicky flavor, melted shredded mozzarella, etc. I've yet to try Vito's or Joe's.)

                Mr Taster

                1. re: Mr Taster

                  These aren't the best pics because they were taken with a phone but a better representation than their site

                  I love their meatball sub, they toast the rolls which is a big plus.

                  1. re: LisaN

                    I tried this place 2x. I knew it would close because the new owner didnt seem to care that much. I was right, it closed a few months ago. Shame, Shame Shame. It could have been so great.

                    1. re: Calipoutine

                      It is definitely too bad they closed. The father was the one with more business savvy and he moved back east, leaving the son on his own.

                    2. re: LisaN

                      The first time I get a meatball sub on a roll that isn't toasted is the last time at that place. That is just clueless and wrong.

                    3. re: Mr Taster

                      A very good friend of mine who lives in the area said the pizza was one of the bvest he had outside NYC. The problemn was they didn't have a fullbar and according to him Santa Clarita is the Mecca of fast food dining and that this place could have made it if they ahd a full bar. "Booze first food second". What a shame. I don't get up there often but would have made the trip for this place.