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May 22, 2010 12:59 PM

HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!! Need good restaurant FOR TONIGHT!

We made plans to take our friends out to dinner to celebrate their engagement. When I called for reservations at Pearly Bakers in Easton PA I found out that they were completely booked because of a local college graduation. I am looking for a great gastro-pub in the northern new jersey area not more than 30 minutes from Phillipsburg, NJ. Any suggestions at this point are appreciated.

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  1. I can't think of anything within 30 minutes of P'burg that is going to be as good as Pearly Baker's. There are a couple of gastro pubs in Sussex County but that's way too far.

    If you'd settle for a regular pub style restaurant you might consider the Long Valley Pub and Brewery in Long Valley. The quality of the food, however, won't be even close to that at Pearly Baker's.

    Personally, I would stay away from The Ship Inn in Milford. The last time I was there (for lunch) I found the place to be rather dirty.

    1. Trap Banq Rock Brewery is very good. Exit 45(I think?)
      off of Route 78