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May 22, 2010 12:26 PM

Bon Appétit Des Caraibes

Had an amazing lunch yesterday at “Bon Appétit Des Caraibes”

To start had a great Caribbean Pea Soup
Huge bowl of hot deliciousness, filled with yellow peas, carrots, rice, potatoes and dumplings in a wonderful tasty broth.

Had a hard time trying to decide over the boneless curry chicken, curry goat or jerk chicken. Decided on the jerk chicken and I wasn’t disappointed.
A huge plate with juicy tender jerk chicken, rice & peas, plantain, sauté veggies & a side of jerk chicken sauce.
Their jerk chicken rub is sweet with a good bite of spice.
A type of meal that leaves you saying WOW and cheap at $12.50 (Soup $3 & Jerk chicken $9.50)

In the past I have had the doubles, patties and boneless curry chicken and it has all been outstanding.

Another plus is the pleasant folks behind this place; always smiling and welcoming, which makes this one of my fav in my neighborhood.

Bon Appetit Des Caraibes
Notre Dame/Greene

Bon Appetit Des Caraibes
3426 Rue Notre-Dame W, Montreal, QC H4C1P2, CA

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  1. Seconded! I love this place.
    They have some sort of Sunday brunch buffet too for an obscenely low price, like $10.

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    1. re: nochainsplease

      Do you know what items are available during brunch?
      And also how's the rice? What rice do they use? Do they cook it dry or tender? Seasoning?

    2. I went for brunch today and had mixed feelings. Walked in asked for brunch, sat down, eventually she came with a plate that had a bunch of different things on it. Not what I expected. Thought I would have a choice or something. Anyway, there was some sort of spinach thing, patotoes, half a boiled egg, some cabbage thing, a slice of grilled plantain, a couple smoked marlin things, and eggplant puree of some sort. It came with Roti skin on the side. So its not that it was bad, its just really not what I wanted for my first meal of the day. The person I ate with felt the same. Ive had a goat roti here before and it was pretty good.

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      1. re: jay_81k

        aw shucks, by "buffet brunch" I thought it was going to be all you can eat

        1. re: Ghostquatre

          It may have been, she told me to tell her if I want anything else when Im done. I didnt know though if that meant for extra or not. Plus I really didnt want anything more. Had trouble finishing