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May 22, 2010 12:20 PM

Where in Calgary do I get the freshest Milk?

I know its still illegal to sell fresh untreated milk here but are there stores that sell local milk, even Farms in the Area?

Or is it all from Saputo, Beatrice etc?

Thank you,

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  1. You can get non-homo organic milk from, I assume, local-ish dairies. Check CFM, Community Natural Foods, etc.

    1. Planet Organic and Community Natural Foods sell Avalon (BC) dairy milk, as well as Vital Greens(Picture Butte AB). Blush Lane (at CFM & their SW store) sell Vital Greens and maybe others I'm not sure.

      Vital Greens also make their own chocolate milk (the real deal where you need to shake the bottle to mix the chocolate in), yogurt, whipping cream and creme fraiche. I think I've also seen some VG products in Superstore's organic/natural foods section but it's been awhile since I've been so I can't be 100% sure. Save On Foods is where I get Vital Greens Dairy product in Red Deer so perhaps it's also carried at the Calgary stores.

      1. It's a matter of taste but we find Vital Greens too "gamey" tasting, the family prefers Avalon. The advantage of Avalon is it is in glass bottles and seems to be colder and more refreshing plus has a milder taste. Their chocolate milk is amazing, not too sweet and fully organic. You can return the glass bottles to the store for refund (1$) I do love Vital Greens heavy cream though; just a special treat at 50% butterfat :o)

        Calgary Co-op sells Liberte, from Quebec, which is great milk, but Co-0p often has trouble with getting it shipped in, and it can be difficult to get milk with a good expiry date.

        Sunterra carries D Dutchmen Dairy products, which is from Sicamous, BC. It's great milk, not organic, but probably pretty close and from their own heard of dairy cattle. Their cream is also fantastic as well. You have to phone ahead as the store sells out of it very quickly.

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