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May 22, 2010 11:37 AM

Street Meat in Calgary

Moving to Calgary from Toronto, i have aquired a love for street meat. Been here for one year and have always been a little nervous to eat from anyone on the street until recently. Visted a hot dog stand called Sausage Party downtown near the library. There was a clean, normal very friendly girl working and my Bratwurst was exceptional, will defintley be revisiting.

Anyone no of anywhere else i can fill guilty pleasure craving?

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  1. Try the Yodeling Sausage at the Steven Avenue market.
    German Guy that comes there since years.

    1. there's some street meat suggestions under the thread Poutine in YYC - coming from TO you will be disappointed it's just not the same here but there are other things that Calgary does well - just not street food!!

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      1. re: Backseat Food Critic

        I wouldn't call Toronto hot dog carts "street food." Compared to, say, Portland, Toronto's one-note hot dog cart "street food" culture is absolutely a joke, pathetic.

        I'd add that although dogs are relatively rare in Calgary, the quality is quite good- in fact here are no carts in Toronto that compare, even remotely, to the Yodelling Sausage.

        1. re: John Manzo

          Are you just looking for hot dog or sausage stands? I've never seen any real street food or food trucks (such as in Portland, Austin, TX or NYC) here in Calgary except for the sausage places mentioned.

          1. re: sweeterpea

            Check out the pizza oven on Stephen Ave.

            1. re: sweeterpea

              There's a donair/falafel/burger cart on Stephen Ave as well.

            2. re: John Manzo

              JM, as usual you're eager to trash Toronto, so I will set the record straight. You can also get fries, poutine, ice cream, and many excellent varieties of dogs and sausages with numerous toppings, depending on the vendor. What one cannot get, oddly for "Hogtown" is back bacon on a bun on the street.

              Oh and Toronto prices are much lower than here or Vancouver despite some pretty outrageous licensing fees.

              The matter, until recently were laws that went a bit overboard in the name of food safety. They have since been relaxed, resulting in this initiative:


              No offence, but I also doubt that you tried all dog and sausage vendors in Toronto, so your Yodeling Sausage comparison is baseless.

              Sorry, gotta tell it like it is.

              1. re: Scary Bill

                Scary_Bill, can you point to a particular sausage vendor in Toronto that's better than the Yodeling Sausage?

                1. re: 23skidoo

                  And of equal interest, can John Manzo point out all the TO sausage vendors he tried that were inferior to the Yodeling Sausage.

                  1. re: 23skidoo

                    23, no I cannot as I have not tried a Yodel, but I am looking forward to my first.

                    There are quite a few vendors on the streets of Toronto, and so I have not tried all of them either. As a generality though I will say that, given the large Italian community in Toronto, the city typically has pretty good sweet and hot Italian sausages throughout, so long as they are local and not conglomerate sausages. The debrecener is usually a good choice as well.

                    Toppings play a major role for Mrs Scary, for example when in the mood she will go from vendor to vendor looking for her condiment of choice for that day. Some vendors are a bit more hard working than others and will for example, cook their sauerkraut beforehand and not simply pour it out of the jar.

                    A caution: There is a wholesaler that supplies buns, sausages, dogs, etc strictly to the vendors. These guys provide the lowest common denominator, so if you pass a few vendors and their food all looks the same, well keep going until you find something that looks a bit different.

              1. Yodeling Sausage is great, but there's one better in my opinion.

                Not sure of his name but the cart in front of Encor Place on 7th Ave and 6 st SW (right under the statue of the Native Chief)

                Homemade sausages, and simply amazing. But keep it quiet eh, the lines aren't too bad... ;)

                1. Yodelling Sausage is good, but reminds me of Pawket Dogs at the Saddledome. Totally checked out the Sausage Party stand today, great "Taco Dog" on special. The owner (who actually works the stand every day and does not hire some person loooking like they just fell off a truck) tells me they are opening a taco stand in June! Should be interesting considering they will be featuring a fish taco and i dont know where else you can get one in the city!

                  Pizza and Lemonade guys on Stephen Ave pretty yummy too!

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                  1. re: jddfoodie

                    Wow, a taco stand in Calgary! The quantity (and the quality) of Mexican food in this city has really accelerated in the past couple years. Looking forward to it.

                    1. re: jddfoodie

                      Did he say where the taco stand will be?

                      1. re: darelleats

                        Apparently it will be somewhere downtown , SHE (yes a girl), is not yet sure what corner dt it will be .Im pretty excited myself!