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May 22, 2010 11:36 AM

Best noncommercial juicer?

I'd like to buy my fiance a good juicer - willing to pay a reasonable but not crazy amount. He loves carrot/beet/ginger juice, and his present antiquated model is cumbersome and rather a pain to clean - an improvement on those aspects would be a great find! Any ideas?

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  1. Look at the Omega 1000 ( $199 at BB&B - 20% coupon) I think it is the best bet of the non ejecting Centrifugal juicers. Some people think the pulp ejecting juicers are easier to clean but you don't get as much juice from them You can get filters for the Omega which willhelp the cleanup

    1. Avoid like the plague any of the Korean twin-gear juicers, especially for carrots. Go for the commercial Champion in black which is <$50 more than the home unit. You can probably pick one up new, with shipping, for about $250 on eBay and with any luck you can pick up a used one in good condition for even less. They're made here, are perfect for what you describe, and are built like tanks (mine was still running perfectly after 21 years, at which time I upgraded to a Norwalk). Excellent customer service as well. And if you don't mind a tip, cut the tops and tails off your beets and carrots (and parsnips) and be sure to peel them before juicing them. The amount of nutrition lost, if any, is negligible and your juice's quality will be vastly better. Also, try yellow beets in your carrot-ginger juice--even more delicious and they're in season now.
      My Norwalk and my manual wheatgrass juicer are both a snap to clean, although dealing with the Norwalk's cloths and bags is a bit of a pain. Out of curiosity, what is your fiancé using now?

      1. I got a Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro and it works great. I used to have the Juiceman Juicer which is like the Jack Lalanne one.
        I've used others and they break very easy.

        You can also use a Vita mix and strain the pulp with cheese cloth.
        This is the best blender. Restaurants like Jamba Juice use this.
        After jucing I use the Vita mix to make smoothies.
        I make Dr Oz's drink....
        spinach/ apple/ ginger/lemon/celery/parsley/cucumber

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          Cheese cloth makes a pretty poor straining medium for juice because the weave is too loose, plus they absorb liquid. A nylon nut milk bag is better, although I think the Vita-Mix is a sub-standard juicer, especially for a combo that includes carrots and beets.

          1. re: MacGuffin

            Thank you everyone for the suggestions - I was away from Chow for a while and just logged back in. I'm very excited about buying this birthday present and enjoying the benefits. Will post final decision.

            1. re: rcallner

              I hope so--I'll be interested to learn your decision. Home juicing has been a passion since 1988; I'm always happy to discuss it. :)

              1. re: MacGuffin

                Hey, juicer experts, turns out his present juicer is a Champion commercial model, which does a great job but is tedious to clean. (I'm trying to make this a surprise, and casually bring up the subject.) I just looked up Norwalk juicers and am feeling a little faint and dizzy with sticker shock. I mean, I love the man, and juice is great, but we could take a trip to Hawaii for that!

                1. re: rcallner

                  The Norwalk is definitely not for everyone (it was always my first choice and I waited almost 21 years for it) but it without a doubt makes the best juice on the planet--nothing else comes close. It's made here and hand-assembled by a little company and all that costs money. That said, though, the Champion makes the second-best juice on the planet and to some extent, all juicers are a pain to clean. He might find one that's a bit easier to clean than his Champion but he'll lose in juice quality (not to mention durability). So I guess it's a toss-up.
                  I should add that even the powers-that-be at Norwalk are quick to sing the Champion's praises as the best option below theirs.
                  You might want to join the Norwalk Juicing Community Forum or even just read the posts (which I think you can do without joining). You can pick up some nice tips regardless of which juicer you're actually using.

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