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May 22, 2010 10:47 AM

Mazza - Berkley, MI

So a new place replaces the tired Indian restaurant on 12 mile in Berkley, now called Mazza. Looks sharp and contemporary. Anybody been? I'm not a real Indian fan but would be willing to give it a go as another step up for Berkley chow.

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  1. BB, I got carryout from Mazza a few weeks ago. The chicken tikka masala, and vegetable biryani were both fine. The portions are large and it is cheaper than its predecessor, Passage to India. The ambiance is much different, it was full of people and bustling with staff. My only gripe is that their paratha and raita are not as good as they were when Passage to India occupied the space.

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      Thanks, Janet...been meaning to get in there. I liked PTI food but as you say they were spendy. It's good that they're busy.

      Any clue as to what's going into the other part of the former PTI space?

    2. People from my department went several times for lunch. Before they instituted the lunch buffet in mid-April, we thought it was generally above-average -- the tandoori chicken and lamb karai were particularly good. The lunch buffet was (obviously) a bit of a comedown, so at this point the consensus is that it doesn't distinguish itself from the pack.

      1. Bumping this thread as my son and I had lunch there Wednesday and liked Mazza very much. I don't know if they've completely abandoned the buffet but there was no evidence of one.

        Rangoli is my standard of excellence, and I'd say Mazza meets or exceeds. was an expensive liquorless lunch, although I'd concede that we did order a lot of food: veggie samosas and paratha, naan, mango lassis, chicken vindaloo and veggie masala. We also got free bowls of mulligatawny (can't think of that without recalling the Soup Nazi!) which was very yummy as well.

        Total with tip: $35, but we do have leftovers.

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          I first ate at Mazza two weeks ago and have eaten there two more times so far. This week I'm going with two Indian friends who haven't tried it yet. Obviously, I like it! The decor has been transformed by replacing up the former brick front with windows that light up the place. The waiter thar served me is professional, relaxed and informative. When I asked for a recommendation, telling him what dishes I like, he came up with a good one. The lunch prices are reaonable - under $10 - especially given the quality of the chow. Mazza is spotlessly clean, a plus for me. The waiter even wipes the plates before putting them on the table; a nice touch, further evidence of the care.and professionalism. It is defintiely one of the best Indian restaurrants in the Metropolitan area and there are plenty of good ones.

          Mazza Indian Cuisine
          3354 12 Mile Rd, Berkley, MI 48072

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            I went there for lunch today, around 1 p.m. They were out of the first two items I asked for. I didn't bother asking for a third.