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May 22, 2010 09:12 AM

What to do with Micks Pepper Jelly

While visiting Pike Place market in Seattle we bought some of Mick's Jellys

Hot Cranberry Pepper Jelly
Death Valley Pepper Jelly
Beer Brewourri - which my husband plans on using for some bbq recipes

The jellys did come with a few recipes and the only one I have tried was the turkey sandwich one.

What other things can I do with the jelly? Does anyone have an recipes?

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  1. My mom enjoys hot pepper jelly as an accompaniment to roast leg of lamb.

    I've also heard of putting it on a cracker with some cream cheese for a snack or appetizer.

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    1. re: operagirl

      I would put t in a pan melt it on the stove then use it as a glaze for either chicken , pork or shrimp. Pepper Jelly it great on all 3 proteins.

    2. I like it poured over a block of cream cheese, with crackers!

      Also, you can mix it with sour cream, cream cheese to thin it out for a dip.

      It's awesome in those lil phyllo cups with brie as an app.

      mix with soy, lemon juice for a marinade like flank steak.

      We always have pepper jelly in the house. :-)

      1. oh, and a lil dab with your favorite acid and oil for a great dressing on spinach salad is great too.