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May 22, 2010 08:33 AM

High End Italy Restaurants


Has anyone ever been to any of these restaurants in Rome?
Camponeschi and La Terrazza..... What do you think of them? or Il Convivio also look good?

I am going to the rome for the first time next weekend, want to make sure it goes perfect! Any advice would be appreciated.



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  1. Camponeschi and La Terrazza are rarely mentioned with the top-top (exc price). Il Convivio is fantastic. Open Colonna is also very very good and interesting. Note there is the gourmet restaurant in the evening and the buffet lunch in the daytime.

    1. Yes, Il Convivio most definitely. And the wine steward knows his stuff. Last March he matched for me a Barolo wine with a meal. I ate with the gods!

      I've been twice to Camponeschi, last in 2004. It certainly offers a fine view, if you're eating outside, and the service was good. The food is good; there are better places for what MFant calls the top-top.