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May 22, 2010 07:13 AM

Il Refolo ... Closed Mondays??? Alternate suggestions

After reading many posts raving about Il Refolo, I pulled up the website to make a reservation and discovered it is closed on Mondays. However, someone on Chowhound indicated a reservation for a Monday. Does anyone know if they are indeed open? We are only in Venice for one day (such a shame) but will return when we can spend more time. We will be with my neice and nephew (14 + 16) so thought Il Refolo the perfect choice for lunch. I would appreciate suggestions for an alternate, casual restaurant where we can experience great food and watch the world go by.
Many thanks ...

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  1. Il Refolo is more of a pizzeria though they have some other good dishes. It is probably the only pizzeria that has any sort of a canal view though set off on a secluded and pleasant campo area (not really too much traffic, etc). Are you looking for another place that serves pizza? a full meal? neighborhood?

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      We are staying out of Venice so will arrive early morning. The plan is to have a leisurely walk towards St. Marks where we meet our guide at 2:00 for a 4 hour tour. I am searching for a small family run trattoria, view maybe canal side and a mouth watering lunch. Il Refolo appealed to me because of my neice and nephew. But on further relection, they are troopers and will go for anything. Their parents are of my mind set in the selection.
      Thank y ou for your asistance ...

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        Monday is probably the most difficult for eating out in Venice. For an informal lunch that might work:
        Alla Frasca, good seafood, fun and informal, a few tables outside
        Osteria a Bomba, large selection of good cichetti, traditional Venetian food including pasta and risotto, friendly staff; one of my favorite in Cannaregio
        Ca d'oro (alla Vedova), nice old ambience with good cichetti and traditional food
        Da Rioba, canal tables on the Fond. della Misericordia; more upscale, good salads as well as more tradtional Venetian cooking; there are other places to eat with outside tables along the Fondamenta; some eclectic, others very tradtional, quality various but not at all expensive. Good view of canal happenings.
        Da Alberto: good trattoria, cichetti in the front bar, sit down in the back; cozy and mostly locals for lunch.
        Closer to San Marco:
        Aciugheta, very popular, lots of visitors, tables outside on a busy campo, large menu with cichetti, pizza, primi, etc. The food is decent to good and not expensive, probably the best bet close to San Marco
        Vecio Canton: good pizza, the rest of the menu is decent but nothing more
        If you want to be on the other side of the Grand Canal:
        Biararia la Corte has good pizza (not up to Il Refolo), tables outside the large and busy Campo San Polo.
        Oniga, a good ostaria with outside tables on Campo San Barnaba
        Most places start serving lunch at 12:00 and no earlier than 11:30, therefore, a leisurely lunch and then on San Marco might be tight. I would take that into account but definitely doable. If one is familiar with Venice and not get too lost, half an hour walk is plenty to get from any of the above restaurant to San Marco. None will need reservation for lunch.The vaporetto is not the most convenient and sometimes slower. And the 2 hour ride is a whopping 6.5Euro.

    2. Da Fiore is closed on Sun & Mon; ask thru their website about il Refolo, as they were open on Sun (unlike Da Fiore) when we were there.

      1. The marvelous Orto dei Mori on Campo dei Mori (restaurant) is open Mondays, as is La Cantina (looks like bar but has excellent fare and wine; no menus, tho!), as is Bottega ai Promessi Sposi (comfortable trattoria with superb homemade pasta and a varied menu, just off Campo Santi Apostoli on Calle de la Oca). And La Bitta (meat) is also open on Monday.

        For excellent pizza in that area, try All'Anfora , ummmm...

        Make sure to reserve, though...these places can fill up quickly because they are good choices for Monday dining.