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May 22, 2010 05:39 AM

Any NON-DINER Breakfasts in N. New Jersey?

I'm a new resident of the Garden State, originally from California, and while I've learned to embrace the glory that is a Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese on Everything I *really* miss healthy, fresh California-style breakfasts. We're in the Montville/Boonton area (but willing to drive up to 30 min) and it seems like everywhere that does breakfast around us is a diner.

Can anyone recommend a good breakfast place (that does breakfast everyday, not just Sunday brunch) that offers something more than diner food? Also, is there ANYWHERE around here to get fresh made donuts (NOT Duncan Donuts - blegh)?

Thank you!!

Garden State Restaurant
287 Central Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07307

Duncan Donuts
275 Sanford St, East Orange, NJ 07018

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  1. I love breakfast at two different places in is Raymond's, which is on Church Street; the other is Bluestone Cafe, which is on Watchung Street. Both have excellent coffee, breads, and a selection of baked goods, omelettes, etc. Good stuff! Warning, though--you'll find lines at both of them on the weekends...but worth it, imo.

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    1. re: Curlz

      yup, those two are great..

      also great in Montclair are the crepes at Bonjour Montclair, just around the corner from the Bluestone Cafe...

      they have sweet and savory crepes. both excellent. If you like sweet ones, definitely try the chestnut paste! to die for!

      Bonjour Montclair
      254 Park St, Montclair, NJ 07043

    2. Check out the menus at these two places to see if it what you are looking for: .......East Hanover & Fairfield ......Randolph

      Your best bet to find fresh made doughnuts, is to post a query for Best Bakeries. The only two bakeries I am familiar with are

      JC's in Parsippany on Rout 46 East. Try their baguettes, Artichoke Bread and Italian pastries while you are there.

      Also on Route 46 East, but in Fairfield is Calandra's. If they do not have doughnuts, I would be surprised.

      From another thread, there's a place called Donut Dugout , also in Fairfield, but I know nothing about the place.

      If you are seeking a non-traditional breakfast.....but rather a Chinese Dim Sum experience, there's Noodle Chu in the Arlington Shopping Plaza on Route 46 West (Where Shop Rite and Home depot are) and across the highway on the East side in the old buffet place in front of the motel, sorry but the name escapes me. Friends recently went to the latter place and they said it caters to the Chinese community, specializing in sea foods.

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      1. re: fourunder

        I would ditto Le Peep...

        it is an absolutely wonderful breakfast place.

        here's the link to the Jersey locations:

      2. Thanks Curlz - I'll try them both out asap ;) Fourunder, I'm not a huge fan of either chain but Thank You for the tip about Calandra's - I've driven by but it never occurred to me that they had doughnuts! Also, thanks for the Dim Sum pointers - I'll be sure to check them out!

        1. There are a couple of hotel-restaurants that are a cut above the standard type that have a nice 7-day-per-week breakfast.
          The Copeland, in Morristown
          Terrace, in the Short Hills Hilton

          Also, a superior breakfast can be found at Meils, in Stockton. This is a former gas station renovated into a home-cooking restaurant.

          I second Raymond's and also recommend Toast in Montclair.

          I've heard from a 3rd party that the Bernards Inn, in Bernardsville has a sublime breakfast offfering.

          The Bernards Inn
          27 Mine Brook Road, Bernardsville, NJ 07924

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          1. The best donuts in NJ come from farmstands.

            This maybe a good way to get your fresh breakfast too.