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Suggestions for Charlotte, NC - new places to try

We're been in a rut around here and I am determined to try some new places for a change. What's opened in the past year that's worth trying? We live in the Southpark/Cotswold area, so we don't usually venture too far north or south to eat - though it seems the University area gets all the new Indian places (no fair)

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  1. A few suggestions: (not sure where you've been...) Some have opened recently, others have been around:

    Fran's Filling Station - Park Rd
    Terrace Cafe - South Park (Piedmont Center)
    Las Palmas - Columbian/Cuban food (South Blvd and Seneca)
    Punta Cana - Dominican (South and Tyvola)
    NY Pizza - South and Archdale
    Georges Brassiere - South Park in old Oceannaire (haven't been yet)

    1. My favorite recent find is Genaro's in Pineville, Peruvian food. My favorite menu item is the rotisserie roasted chicken sandwich with avocado, red onion, lettuce, tomato with their basil vinagrette. I also love their Lomo Saltaldo, sauteed beef with broth, onion and tomatoes tossed with french fries. All the photos posted are Genaro's.

      Some other favorites:

      Vietname Grille for pho. Mckoy's Smokehouse for fried squash, La Casa de la Enchiliadas total dive for Mexican.

      Earthfare South Park has a short order grill, they serve sandwiches and fresh cut french fries, fresh cut sweet potato fries and sweet tea!!! For a dollar extra you can upgrade to a bison burger

      1. Couldn't resist posting some Earthfare pics too.. Bison burger and turkey burger.

        1. We went to Bistro le Bon this weekend and had a great time. Sauces were sublime. This is a new place in the strip mall at the intersection of Central Ave and Pecan; well worth a try.

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            I've heard great things about Bistro La Bon and am anxious to get up there to try it. The menu looks amazing and the price are beyond reasonable. There was a brief mention of it in the Creative Loafing food blog, complete with photos:


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              My previous dinners at Bistro La Bon have been fanatastic and I am happy to report that they now serve lunch M- Sat. For $10 you get a choice of 10 entrees, plus bread and salad. The offerings include you choice from two of each: pasta, salad, seafood, meat sandwich or salad. I had the NC trout with herbed potato anna and chardonney sauce. GREAT! They are on facebook at Bistro La Bon. 1322 Central Ave.

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              I hear ya, loud and clear on Bistro La Bon! I went in last night for a quick visit. It is everything you want in a restaurant, cool, comfortable setting, not pretentious. Very nice staff, the owner actually is pleasant and appreciates your business, great food and great prices!!! I would love nothing more than to support this local restaurant. Last night I had a glass of prosecco and some mussels. The mussels were in a thick heavy cream sauce instead of brothy, talk about muy deliciouso! Beautiful bread for dipping. My bill was $15. That is like icing on the cake! I wish them great success!

            3. My husband and I decided to try Saigon Palace last night and were met with great results. If you like Vietnamese food, you certainly won't be disappointed. We both had vermicelli dishes, so I can only attest to the quality of those. I have heard, however, that their pho is great as well.

              Saigon Palace
              5215 South Blvd Ste B, Charlotte, NC 28217

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                There's better pho in Charlotte but Saigon Palace is a lovely spot. My thirteen year old wants to have her future wedding reception there! I still haven't tried their Sunday brunch buffet but we'll get to it.

                Saigon Palace
                5215 South Blvd Ste B, Charlotte, NC 28217

              2. Since you mention Indian, I must suggest (as I did in another post) Soma Grill in Matthews. Been open about two years but most worth trying if you're looking for something "new to you". We've had a half dozen meals here, all good. I love meat but I think I am starting to crave their aloo gobbi dish.

                Soma Grill
                10416 E Independence Blvd, Matthews, NC 28105

                1. Cuban Pete's recently opened and has awesome ropa vieja. They're on The Plaza/Central where the Graduate used to be. I had their ceviche also, which was so so, but varies daily. The tres leches was amazing.

                  1. There's a very nice new Indian place across from Concord Mills Mall, called Spice 9. It's been open about 4 months, and we've eaten there several times. Service a little spotty at times, but terrific food. It's not altogether traditional; the chefs are being somewhat creative, though they do have a lot of traditional food. It's comfortable, well-appointed. Some of the menu is like California meets Maharashtra. Do NOT miss the Chicken 65 appetizer; it's superb. The lunch buffet is much fresher than most, and the dishes tastier and, I think, more authentic than most. One of the chefs is from south India, so they have a good selection of south Indian food. Their sambhar is the best I've ever had outside Chennai and Nellore, Madurai and other south Indian cities. Almost all the south Indian menu choices come with sambhar. Try the dosa; the veggie one with potatoes is really good, and the one with chicken in sauce is also. The chicken tikka masala, which seems to be a requirement these days, is better than most as well. It's worth the short drive up I-85. And if you're in south Charlotte, catch I-485, which isn't crowded at all north of Independence Boulevard, and it takes you almost right to I-85. (It dumps you out at I-85 Exit 48; Concord Mills is at Exit 49.) Oh, and I also had a terrific mango lassi there.
                    From Cotswold, you'd take Sharon Amity to Harris Boulevard to I-85. It's not that bad a drive.

                    1. OK- so finally there is some press on Bistro La Bon.