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May 22, 2010 01:26 AM

Menu change at Casa Bleve

We had reservations at CB a few days ago and were rather disappointed that they stopped the antipasto lunch buffet. Our waiter informed us that this change happened 2 weeks ago. We still enjoyed a bottle of wine, a platter of artisan cured meats, and a small plate of 4 different types of cheese, all at a rather hefty pricetag of 85 Euros... The restaurant was packed at around 2pm with the who's who and very important looking non-tourists.

Who knows, it could have been a strategic manuever to keep the tourists away :)

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  1. Very interesting.

    Maybe they had a few too many of a certain kind of tourist, like the ones who reported here a few weeks ago that they took home a doggie bag from Casa Bleve's lunch buffet that saw them through two evening meals.

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      ha! a doggie bag from the CB buffet? that is sooo tacky! how did i miss that post?

      you can still get the buffet lunch with a lot of the same items at La Vecchia Bottega Del Vino (Via di Santa Maria del Pianto, 9, Roma). the cost is €15 tho i believe that is for your first plate and there is an additional charge for seconds (and i assume doggie bags!)