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May 22, 2010 12:17 AM

Bova Foods in Chalfont

I didn't realize Bova foods had a retail store until I got some junk mail with their ad in it. What caught my eye was the guten free bread and noodles in particular, but other stuff too. Anyone try their items?

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  1. Hey Carbs, I buy all my pasta there. I also like their 6 in 1 tomatoes for my red sauce. In their fridge, I get the Soppressata.

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    1. re: crazyspice

      Awesome! I really have to get my butt over there if you say it's good crazy!

      1. re: givemecarbs

        Definitely. Their pasta selection in unbelievable!

      2. re: crazyspice

        Finally tried the six in one. Wow! I just spooned some on the pizza dough I got from there yesterday. Thanks for the rec crazyspice. I always have fun when I visit there. Yesterday I brought my friend to pick out some gluten free pasta and he was mesmerized by all the kewl restaurant supplies. The friendly guy ringing us up, not Uncle this time but a younger dude, showed us a pic on his cell phone of the pizza he made at home last weekend. It was a work of art. He told us that he liked to add the sauce last. I said ah I see you make your pizza Trenton style! (not sure where that technique originated or what it is really called) and he said that there was a small unassuming place in Trenton that he goes to and before he could get any further I yelped "DeLorenzo's!" This lead to a great conversation about DeLorenzo's and the Italian People's Bakery and pizza making. I love it when food shopping is this much fun!

        1. re: givemecarbs

          I love it when everything is about food! Glad you liked the tomatoes. I really love the Rummo pasta too.

          BTW, I am pretty sure the Yaki Bun hut is gone at Assi. I haven't been over there in a while.

      3. Do they have fresh pasta too?

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        1. re: asmith

          They do. I Finally made it over there today. The traffic sucked and I was chafing and muttering about the 3pm closing time, since I only managed to get there at ten of. But everyone was lovely and I didn't feel rushed at all. One lady got me a cart when she saw my arms overladen with gluten free pasta, jarred sauce and spices. I didn't see any mozzarella, and even though it had to be past three by then, the same lady (probably an angel in human form) insisted on checking for me. Turns out they had just received some and the gentleman who checked me out went and got me one. Tonight I am making brown rice pasta with their sicilian pasta sauce with eggplant (from a jar). The kind sir who rung me up told me that he likes the rice pasta because it is nice and firm. Later I will try their gluten free pizza shells and maybe some chicken parm breaded with almond flour. They had so many nifty items, like a stone ware garlic roaster and chestnut flour. I'll let you know how the food ended up tasting but they get a big thumbs up for their niceness factor.
          And so does Chipote. My friend went to the one in montgomeryville and got pork carnitas in a salad bowl. When he told them he was gluten free they even changed their plastic gloves and utensils to serve his food up. I'm grateful to find one fast food chain to eat at when my friend and I are out and just want a fast cheap bite. Trying to help my friend with his special diet is certainly helping me find much hidden treasure!

          1. re: givemecarbs

            We bought the GF pizza shells are amazing. My son and Grand daughter said it was the best they had had. Also, if you are up this way, Landis Markets in Perkasie has GF Pasta at $ 2.49 a bag. It is quite good.

            1. re: teddybare

              Landis does a pretty good job with their GF section. They seem to have a lot more specialty flours in their baking section, too. If memory serves, stuff like xantham gum, etc.

              1. re: JohnnyKBar

                Thanks Teddy and Johnny! I would be more apt to go to the Landis next to the Indian Valley Library, hope they have the same goodies. Would love to start a thread on local area shopping and dining for the GF and their friends and families but I would have to be very careful how I worded it. My comments on how early my raspberries came in got moved to the gardening boards even though I was just trying to give a heads up to the u pik fans who live nearby. I guess shopping in your yard doesn't count. He he!

                1. re: givemecarbs

                  There isn't 100% overlap, but I think it's largely the same. I don't get to the Telford one as often, so the different layout and some different products often throws me off.

            2. re: givemecarbs

              Just had a gf pizza with my friend and I see I needed to buy more of the mozzarella. I was shredding it and decided to take a bite. I really had to restrain myself from eating too much of it. So good! My friend was very happy with the gf shells.

              1. re: givemecarbs

                Cooked up the brown rice spaghetti with the jarred sicilian red sauce tonight. Meant to do it sooner but boy was it worth the wait. My friend forgot that it was a gf meal! Can't wait to get back there to try more things.

            3. Thanks to this thread, we stopped by here while traveling between farm stores in the area (on a day-long jaunt from philly), what a great place! Amazing selection of pasta, great shapes you just can never find in the grocery store. Also picked up some of the hot soppresata and a cheese (close to a sharp prov, but I don't remember the name). Grabbed a ball of the pizza dough (frozen) and we'll try that another night. I was impressed with the italian imports (lots of bagged cookies, italian soda, tomatoes) and their prices! The kind of stuff you usually find overpriced in gourmet stores.

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              1. re: urbanfabric

                Their hot sopressata is my absolute favorite!

                1. re: urbanfabric

                  So glad you liked it urbanfabric. I went charging over there this friday and learned that they are now open til four thirty pm on weekdays so it will be easier to go there more often. I got myself some individual frozen pizza shells, all ready to load up (the regular ones not the gf ones) and was delighted with how my pizza turned out. The packaging says the shells are made with olive oil and boy were they yummy. Of course I had their wonderful mozzarella cheese and tried a new jarred sauce that was a little bit hot and very tasty. Let's see, take pizza shell out of freezer, preheat oven, add sauce, cheese and fresh veggies. Toss in oven for a few. So good and easy that I feel like I'm cheating at life!
                  They have lots of other things I am tempted by: potato ricer, pasta machines, even little "ring for service" bells. Oh and they even offer a little dish with free hard candies to try when you are writing out your check at the register.