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May 21, 2010 05:47 PM

Chino Farms

Has anyone been recently or know what's currently available?

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  1. just called their phone # today and they mentioned strawberries, lettuces, beets and a number of other greens that I can't recall. If I go by this weekend, I'll report back!

    1. You might want to call and see. (858) 756-3184
      Open Tue-Sat 10am-4pm; Sun 10am-1pm

      1. ok, this is what they had today (not a complete list, but what I recall from memory)

        California and French strawberries. the CA berries are a little sweeter and more floral than the berries from Be Wise at Whole Foods. haven't tried the French ones yet.

        yellow peaches. letting them ripen some more before trying them...

        lots of lettuces and lettuce greens, including purslane
        radicchio (round and ovoid)
        baby purple and white cauliflower
        baby gai lan
        "Italian" broccoli (brocciolini? I only saw the tops and this is what the younger Japanese man told me)
        red and regular baby spinach
        white, orange and purple carrots
        beets of all colors/sizes
        radishes of all colors/sizes
        fava beans shelled and in the pod
        haricot vert
        baby yellow wax beans
        butternut squash
        Kabocha squash (I think. It was a large, dark green/orange striped "squashed" round squash)
        white, red and purple potatoes
        pickling cucumbers
        baby zucchini, yellow squash

        no corn or tomatoes yet

        1. Was there last Saturday and got some sweet strawberries, baby carrots, and potatoes. Everything was delicious!

          1. and I almost forgot the radishes!!