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May 21, 2010 03:54 PM

Where to buy fresh fenugreek?

Been jonesing for Persian food lately and want to make a Ghormeh Sabzi recipe containing fenugreek leaves. I've seen plenty of fenugreek *seed* in various spice shops and South Asian markets, but don't recall ever seeing the herb sold fresh. Anyone have a good source? I prefer somewhere in SF but could travel a bit if absolutely necessary.

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  1. I have seen it being sold at FPFM at Star Route. It wasn't this year and I assume it is seasonal.

    1. It's called "methi" at Indian grocers. Fresh methi was available last month at Namaste in Belmont. You might check with the new place in SF, Jai Ho.

      1. I'm getting methi ($1.50 for a huge bunch) at the Sunday Farmers' Market on Grove Street @ Divisadero. 10 am to 2 pm. The vendors are a young Asian couple on the north side of the market - midway.

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          Did see a young Asian couple midway on the north side, but the woman said she'd never even heard of fenugreek/methi. I got there pretty late though (1:50pm) so maybe whoever had it ran out today?

          Ended up getting a big bag at Jai Ho - they stock it in the refrigerator in the back for $2.99. Also have frozen for a bit less.

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            I think same couple is at the Berkeley Sat FM, the only Asian veg vendor, with their fenugreek.

          2. Berkeley Bowl often has Methi Leaves. I have looked lately but they had them a month ago or so.

            Berkeley Bowl
            2020 Oregon St, Berkeley, CA 94703

            1. If you can't find the fresh ones, you might find dried ones at persian grocery stores. Since only %10 of Ghormeh Sabzi's herbs are Fenugreek leaves, you can mix the fresh herbs (chives, parsley, coriander, spinach) with dried Fenugreek just to add the taste.