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May 21, 2010 03:29 PM

What is the best, modest price steak restaurant in downtown Omaha?

I will be in Omaha for one evening. Looking for the best steak in downtown Omaha. No chains allowed. We will have a car so could drive out as far as 72nd Street. Are some of the older steak houses any good? Gorat's, Anthony's, Cascio's?

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  1. Could you give us some specifics on what you'd consider "modest price"?

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    1. re: smarsh

      no more than $25 or so for the steak itself. Total price for 2 of around $100 - 125 with a bottle of wine.

      1. re: foodieinraleigh

        If I were you I'd head out to the Drover ( It's near the top of your budget, but it's locally owned, easy to find and has some great ambiance.

        Avoid Gorat's. Anthony's is okay. Never been all that impressed with Cascio's.

        1. re: atom12

          I second the Drover.

          Also consider Johnny's (the local one on 27th, not the chain in Village Pointe) or Piccolo Pete's for that old school Omaha Steakhouse experience (steak with a side of pasta anyone?).

          1. re: smarsh

            Also, Piccolo Pete's is Waren Buffett's favorite dining place. However you might have to stand in a queue - apparently it's been flooded with reservations after Buffett recommended it in his annual letter to shareholders...