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May 21, 2010 02:47 PM

Looking for Quebec cheese

I'll be in Montreal for a couple of days and will be staying in the International district. I would love to buy some local cheese to take back home with me. I love the stinky stuff. Can you recommend some cheeses and where to buy it. Thanks!

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  1. Go scope out the cheese shops at Marché Atwater (Lionel Groulx station). They will advise you and provide a few tastes too for some of the cheeses before you buy.

    1. Here is an older thread that talked about cheese in Montreal in general. There may be a few ideas for places to go as well as cheeses to try:

      1. Atwater Markert has the Fromagerie downstairs and an Hamel outlet upstairs, which makes it a great spot.

        That said, I think Jean Talon Market is even better, with Hamel's mother store, the Qui Lait Cru cheese monger and, probably best of all from a local cheese standpoint, Le Marché des Saveurs, the Quebec food and drink store. Their cheese counter is 98% Québécois (they sell a few imported cheeses. like Parmesan, which don't have a worthy Quebec analogue) and less busy than the big stores, meaning they can be generous with their time and explanations, not to mention tastes.

        Here's an earlier discussion on Quebec cheeses. Stinky ones include La Sauvagine and Pied de Vent. You might also enjoy Hamel's Maroilles à la Maudite.

        Both markets are easily accessible via the metro. Hop on the orange line near your hotel and head to Jean-Talon station for the Jean Talon Market or Lionel-Groulx station for Atwater Market.

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          I agree that the staff at Le Marche des Saveur is exceptionally helpful and generous. A good place to go if you are indecisve, like me, but looking to try out something new

        2. Thanks for all your input! Look forward to my hunt for good Quebec cheeses.