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May 21, 2010 12:59 PM

Pawpaw / paupau fruits

Please help me out! I'm looking for pawpaw, or paupau fruits. My co-worker tells me he finds them at Korean groceries in Brooklyn, although he can't recall any particular one.

Would anyone know where specifically I can find them at this time of year? Is there a better time when they're in season?

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  1. Where I grew up, paupau was just another name for papaya. I'm not sure if you're looking for something different. If it is papaya, many fruit and veg shops and supermarkets carry it, either whole or cut up - Garden of Eden, even Key Foods and Met sometimes. Or the fresh fruit vendors at the Red Hook soccer fields probably have some pre-cut (delicious with a squeeze of lime juice) -- although I haven't check this year yet.
    Save the seeds and dry them (rinse them first) for a peppercorn substitute!

    Garden of Eden
    180 Montague St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

    1. Are you looking for Papaya? Or PawPaw, which is a native north American fruit?

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        I'm definitely looking for the North American fruit that tastes like vanilla custard and bruises too easily and not papayas. It's possible my co-worker was thinking of papayas as well, as he spelled it paupau, so I'm sorry for the confusion.

        1. re: LaLaGoGo

          Where are you located? I have foraged wild paw paw out in the wilderness down south, and ran into some trees in the NY area, but haven't seen the fruit for sale anywhere around NY. They are too delicate/soft to transport well. There are quite a few universities working with the fruit, and you can ask around at farmers markets in the fall. They are ripe late August to mid-October.

          You can buy them here online

          or go to the PawPaw festuval in Ohio next fall.

          1. re: JMF

            I live in Brooklyn and work in Manhattan. I'm willing to travel as far as the city limits to visit a market that I know has them regularly, at least when in season. I was planning to make a gift of them to someone into uncommon fruits and try one for myself. JMF, the first site you mention is interesting--do you think the vendor could ship them without too much damage to the fruits?

            1. re: LaLaGoGo

              This is the first site I've ever seen that ships fresh pawpaws. My guess is that they make and sell frozen pawpaw pulp and pops using all the fruit that has been damaged. Of course it's still 100% healthy. In any case it's good news that anyone is shipping them.
              My brother does lots of foraging and he knows two spots where pawpaws are growing in the NY area. One is in Staten Island. the other is either in eastern Queens or Nassau Cty. I don't know specific details and he would probably kill me if I divulged his secret. He'd certainly cut off my supply.
              Pawpaws are pretty easy to grow too. My brother also has a couple of trees growing in his backyard in Rego Park. Each tree regularly produces 40-60 fruit per year.

              1. re: el jefe

                I know of the area in Staten Island. Sort of kept secret because of where it's located.

                1. re: el jefe

                  Hey El jefe,

                  does your brother still grow paw paw fruits in his backyard in rego park?
                  I live in rego park too! if he can spare maybe 1 or 2 fruits, I love to meet and purchase them if thats ok.

                  Recent studies show paw paw may be helpful against cancer. My aunt was recently diagnosed =(


                  1. re: phillipzou

                    The paw paws are long gone for the season.
                    please send me an email off list for a possible alternative solution.
                    If you click on my name above this post, my email address is in my profile.

                2. re: LaLaGoGo

                  I spoke with them today about other products that they are going to forage for me, for my business. I'll let you know how that works out. I think that in season they will do a fine job on shipping the fruit. The thing with pawpaws is that they can look all bruised on the outside, and be perfectly fine. That's one reason they don't do well being sold commercially, they can look terrible.