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May 21, 2010 12:41 PM

Dairy birthday cake in Flatbush?

Is there anywhere in Flatbush to get a really fabulous dairy birthday cake?

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  1. I just made a birthday for my granddaughter we got a HUGE yummy cake from the Costco in Lawrence, I believe they call it a half sheet in size, feeds a ton of people. I believe my daughter spent all of $16 for the cake - I still have a chunk of it in my freezer - and we had like 30 people there.

    I believe that they have a Costco in Brooklyn which is kosher too.

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      Costco cakes are cheap, even tasty, but hardly fabulous. They're fine for what they are, but I wonder how many would rank them among the best cakes they've ever eaten. And the OP didn't specify that cost was a key factor in what s/he is looking for. I don't have any suggestion, though, as to where to get a "fabulous" one. I'm not much of a cake buyer; I make my own.

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        I don't really care for birthday cakes in general, especially the icing; however Costco cheese cakes are fabulous. It beats the crap out of the locals that I have tasted. Oh yes, they happen to be cheap too.

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          Costco in Brooklyn has dairy cakes- the cheesecackes are pretty good. Fairway also has excellent dairy cakes.

    2. Costco in Brooklyn is kosher and sells dairy cakes. Otherwise, most bakeries would only sell non-dairy cakes (other than cheesecakes) to limit the possibility that people would confuse a dairy cake with a non-dairy cake and eat it after a meat meal.

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        1. Thanks everyone for your replies. Does anyone know if Costco will write on the cake for me?
          I have ordered from Chiffon before as well and I know their cakes are delicious so that is a possibility but it's just such a shame not to have a dairy cake when we having a dairy meal. Cost is not really a factor but it's just for a child's birthday party, though the cake is mostly for adults.

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          1. re: Queena75

            Well, if it's just for a kid's party, then I'd also go with the Costco suggestion. No one should get me wrong; I'm a big fan of Costco's cakes, but I assumed you wanted something dairy, impressive looking, and unusual. (There are such things at the new Aron's Kissena Farms, but I haven't tasted them, they are pricey, and only in Queens, so I couldn't recommend them.) However, for your purposes, I'd concur with the others.

            As for the writing--I'm pretty sure they will have cakes that already say "Happy Birthday," but I don't know about adding a name. I have a feeling they can, but a Costco member would probably know better than I.

            1. re: Queena75

              Costco will custom decorate/write on cakes, BUT you must go in at least a day in advance and fill out an order sheet with the information. On pickup day/time the cake will be waiting for you in the pickup refrigerators (with your name on the end of the box).

              You can NOt just go in, pick out a cake and ask to have a name added, the decorators work limited hours and arfe not available to Costco memebers during open hours.

              1. re: bagelman01

                Stop and Shop in Brooklyn has dairy cakes also. You can go in advance and choose a theme, but I think they will write Happy Birthday while you wait. Personally, I thought the cakes were way too sweet, but they were decorated really nicely.

              2. re: Queena75

                The cake is fully customizable - white/chocolate cake, Vanilla Cheesecake/Chocolate mousse/Strawberry mousse filling, White buttercream/Chocolate buttercream/Cream cheese icing - various themes and includes writing on the cake. However, it must be ordered in advance.



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                  I hope that you got a delicious, beautiful cake, whatever place you picked!

                2. How about a dairy ice cream cake? You can get those at Sweet Choice or Baskin Robbins

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