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May 21, 2010 11:47 AM

Fresh Pasta storage for Dinner Party

Im making homemade pasta for a dinner party tomorrow. Party is at a friends house, so i'd like to do as much at home as possible, then just boil and sauce at the party.

How far ahead of time can I roll and cut the pasta and still have the best flavor/texture?

Any transport suggestions?


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  1. I'd make it in the morning and wrap well; refrigerate until cooking

    1. Use a large tray to transport. Before wrapping, let it dry as long as possible. Pasta actually benefits from drying. Wrap in breathing material e.g. paper or cotton towels no foil. Sprinkle with cornflower to avoid sticking.

      1. I've read freezing is good, even improves the texture. Haven't done it yet but planning to try this weekend. Shouldn't affect cooking time by much if any.

        1. I am wondering what method Afeltz used, and if it was succesful? Foolish question, but how is it wrapped after cutting. I have air dried on kitchen towels but only for a few hours. I would love to try freezing, but not sure if I have the room.

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            absolutely air dry and freeze. i had a dinner party for 20 people where i made tortellone every night for a week, let it dry overnight, froze it, and the night of the party it was all prepared and perfect, as if i'd rolled it out that night. and it cooks so quickly.