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Boulder Burger Report

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Considering that Boulder is the tofu capital of the Rocky Mountain region, there's suddenly a lt of burger buzz, w/ gourmet burger joints scattered around town. Larkburger (http://www.larkburger.com) based in Edwards opened its first Front Range restaurant in Boulder (2nd is south of Denver at/near the Tech Center), and Smashburger (http://www.smashburger.com) has a location in Boulder too. But the one-of-a-kind burger joint is Rueben's Burger Bistro. It just opened a few weeks ago but its official "grand opening" is this weekend. Larkburger and Smashburger are "fast casual," meaning you order and pay at the counter, and you either pick up your food when someone hollers your name/number or a runner delivers to your table. Rueben's is a real restaurant w/ table service, interesting burger combos on unique pretzel buns, a great selection of rare Belgian beers and decent wines by the glass too. Pix at http://culinary-colorado.blogspot.com...

2755 Dagny Way Ste 103, Lafayette, CO 80026

105 Edwards Village Blvd, Edwards, CO 81632

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  1. Thanks for posting - We will be in Boulder next weekend (5/29-10) and will likely give Ruebens a try. Sounds like a great place.

    1. Thanks for the review, I noticed it last week and was curious. I'll have to round someone up to go try it with me.

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        We've been to Rueben's twice spaced a week apart, returning the second time to bring along a couple of cycling aficionados. The food was quite good, including onion rings with the light style of batter I prefer similar to ones from the old Max Burgerworks in Denver. I was not crazy about the generic rock music playing that made it feel more like a Hard Rock Café than an homage to cycling. We tried the wasabi and ponzu dipping sauces on the first trip, with the wasabi having the expected little kick. The avocado aioli was good on trip 2, but on the basis of these three and the fry sauce (which reminds me of the one at Good Times), I'd definitely go with the wasabi in the future. Like many places, they serve sauces in the too-tiny cups that make it impossible to dip onion rings into without squeezing them to pieces. I had sweet potato fries too and it's the first time in a while that I've had fries that were actually cooked properly and served fresh and hot. They serve Belgian beers like the ultra-cool Kwak in the appropriate glassware just like in Belgium. Not sure if anyone else locally besides the Cheeky Monk does this.

        They serve burgers on a soft pretzel bun, which I'd never had before. They indicated the buns are sourced from Chicago, so I looked up pretzel buns online. I ran across a place called Kuma's Corner in Chicago which has a similar themed burger menu with pretzel buns, as well as the same make-your-own mac and cheese with toppings you might not typically think of for mac like sun dried tomatoes and sweet corn.

        Service was efficient and friendly, and they validate 2 hours of parking in the attached garage.

        Larkburger in Boulder can't compare to the one in Edwards. I don't need a mostly-raw hamburger regardless of how it's ordered with undercooked fries, and I don't need to wait half an hour for it.

        I have only been to Deluxe Burger once early on and they were still working out some kinks, but I definitely think I preferred their burger over H Burger Co's. It was just perfectly balanced. You can't touch the nutella toasted marshmallow milkshake at H Burger though--amazingly thick and delicious in both the virgin and adult versions. The strawberry-mint is great too.

        I went to the first Smashburger after they bought out the Icon Burger in Lafayette and it was good but nothing that has so far prompted me to go out of my way to return. I try to be good and not eat too many burgers though (honest, mom).

        I still think Park Burger is difficult to beat. Those sliders get me every time.

        2755 Dagny Way Ste 103, Lafayette, CO 80026

        105 Edwards Village Blvd, Edwards, CO 81632

        Cheeky Monk
        534 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80203

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          "Every time"? How often are you around the corner without telling me?

      2. I'd hope someone would order a chili cheeseburger and report back.
        Always looking for the perfect CCB.

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          For whatever reason, chili cheeseburgers seem to be a bigger deal in Denver than in Boulder.

          1. re: ClaireWalter

            And bigger in NM still.